Insuring You’ll Stop Driving . . .

  • September 19, 2023

Forcing people to buy insurance they can’t afford as a condition of being allowed to own (or use) something is a very effective way to discourage people from owning or using things.

Like cars, for instance.

It ought to be crystal clear by now that there are people in positions of power who do not want most people – by which they mean us – to own cars. But they are clever people and understand that outlawing cars outright and all at once is too obviously blunt and – more to the point – it would probably result in immediate push-back. Far better – from their point-of-view – to permit us to own cars, provided we abide by certain conditions.

Such as being obliged to “cover” them.

No surprise (assuming you’ve been paying attention) – it is all-of-a-sudden costing a lot more to “cover” a car. About 20 percent more, on average – just this year so far. Many people are being hit up to tune of 30 percent or more.

It is interesting to note that these increases in the cost of “coverage” are being imposed on people who have not been convicted of “speeding” (the vehicular equivalent of not “masking”) or because they filed a claim and so cost the insurance mafia money.

The mafia says it is only making these “adjustments” to take account of higher repair costs and because of costs pertaining to natural disasters. Well, the latter is an obnoxious transfer of costs onto those who did not incur them and the former is just bullshit, because if you’ve not wrecked or filed a claim, then you’ve not cost the mafia anything.

But the mafia can still make you pay.

Remember: Insurance is a “service” you cannot refuse. Even – in some states – if you don’t actually drive the car on public roads. If the vehicle can be seen without tags on private property, it can be seized on account of not being registered and tagged. The law in these states says that any vehicle stored on the owner’s property must be registered – and in order to legally get/maintain registration (and tags) the vehicle must be insured.

That’s a Bingo! as fictional SS Colonel Hands Landa from Inglorius Basterds put it.

It’s also proof that forcing people to buy insurance is not about making sure other people aren’t left holding the bag for damages incurred by the “uninsured.”

It is about making people pay.

Anyhow, when you have to pay, then you can be made to pay more. You can be made to pay whatever they say.

People are finding out just how much that is.

In particular, people who bought into “electrification” via the purchase of an electric vehicle. Many of them thinking they’d “save money” by not having to spend it on gas, which the same people pushing trying to push all of us into EVs have also been making more expensive, in order to drive as many of us as they can out of vehicles that burn it and into electric vehicles that burn money, instead.

That’s certainly more efficient.

Well – surprise! – EV owners are discovering that it costs more to insure their battery-powered appliances. Which is another way of saying it costs more to own a battery-powered appliance. Not counting what it’s soon going to cost to charge one up, as the supply of power dries up.

The UK Daily Mail published an article the other day that gets into the jolt many of these EV owners just got in the mail. One couple profiled in the piece got a piece of payin’ paper from the insurance mafia demanding twice as much to cover the new Tesla Model Y they’d just bought as they were being forced to pay for the VW Atlas they’d also bought.

To be fair to the mafia, the Tesla is a much more expensive vehicle – with a base price of $49,990 (vs. $35,150 for the vehicle that isn’t a battery-powered appliance) and so would be a more expensive vehicle to replace, if totaled in an accident. It also costs more to repair. 

But this vehicle isn’t just expensive.

It is electric. 

It carries around an enormous high-voltage battery composed of thousands of individual cells, any of which can trigger a ferocious fire. Without benefit (so to speak) of the vehicle having been in an accident. That means a risk that cannot be controlled by the owner.

It is simply a risk – and a potential cost – that comes along for the ride. 

Or rather, for the park – as EVs can (and have) caught fire when they’re not being driven. In some cases when they’re not even plugged in. The recent catching fire of cargo ships transporting EVs that were just sitting has naturally alarmed the insurance mafia – and the mafia isn’t going to pay for it when it can make us pay for it.  

Which is just what the mafia is doing.

And not just to people who bought into “electrification.” As mentioned already, insurance costs are going up for everyone, including people who do not own an expensive (and fire-prone) battery powered appliance and who have not filed a claim (and incurred any costs) nor given the mafia any legitimate reason to “adjust” what they are forced to pay.

But they do own a car – and that is just the point.

Or rather, it is the object.

If people can’t be nudged into electric vehicles – a growing “concern” for the people who’ve been pushing them, as more and more people are becoming aware of the facts about them – then insurance can be used to push people out of vehicles.

And not just electric ones.

But there may be push-back, once people understand they are being pushed out of vehicles. Perhaps at that point people will just stop paying – and continue driving. This would be a healthy a re-assertion of the long-neglected principle of saying No to things you don’t want.

And something else to people who try to force you to pay for them.

. . .

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