It’s a Simple Question

  • November 15, 2023

If EVs are wanted by enough people to make them worth making, why is it necessary to force the not-making of alternatives to them?

It was not necessary for the government to out-regulate cassette tapes when the compact disc came along. Nor the compact disc, when digital music storage/playback came along. The reason there aren’t ice boxes in people’s homes anymore is because the refrigerator came along.

It is never necessary to out-regulate an inferior product. But it is always necessary to out-regulate a superior one – when the alternative being pushed on people as its replacement is inferior.

For example, Freon – or R-12.

It was – it is – superior – to the replacements that have been pushed on people since Freon was forced off the market back in the ’90s via regulations that banned its use in new vehicle air conditioning systems, restricted its sale to credentialed “professionals” and raised is price from about $1 per can to more than $100 for the same amount. This was supposedly done to close a hole in the ozone layer. In fact, it was done to protect DuPont, which held the patent on Freon that was about to run out.

More expensive – and less efficient – automotive AC systems was the result.

Electric cars are like the various replacements pushed on people in lieu of Freon, which worked really well – and didn’t cost much. Like the nferior – and more expensive – replacements for Freon, EVs require the suppression of superior alternatives – because if people were free to choose them, the “market” for EVs would evaporate like a piece of dry ice in the July sun.

If this were not so, it would not be necessary to push them onto the “market” – nor would it be necessary to out-regulate alternatives to them that cost less and simply work better for most people. It is precisely on account of this latter that the alternatives are being out-regulated and thereby pushed off the market.

It’s axiomatic, inarguable.

Can anyone intelligibly say otherwise?

No. And so they say all kinds of other things, to get around having to concede that an inferior and more expensive thing is being pushed on people. They say it is necessary to push the inferior and more expensive thing. The same thing they said about the alternatives to Freon (and will say about the alternatives to meat that they’re already pushing for).

There is always an excuse – when it comes to this pushing – and an excuse is not the same thing as a reason. Or at least, it is not the same thing as a good reason.

There was good reason to stop buying cassette tapes when CDs became available, just as there was good reason to stop buying ice boxes when refrigerators became available. And there was good reason to stop buying electric vehicles some 100 years ago when better alternatives to them became available.

Those better alternatives were – and still are – so much better that they have dominated the market for vehicles from then to now and to so comprehensively that the only excuse that can be proffered to justify pushing them off the market is that it’s necessary – in the view of people who have decided they do not want us to have better, less expensive alternatives to them.

In other words, their goal is to diminish us.

We are to have less – and pay them more for it.

Bear in mind – because it is probative – that these people are in a position to have more – because they can pay for it. In part, because they have the power to make us pay for it – for what else are subsidies?

What else are the taxes we’re all forced to pay?

This pushing-of-EVs business ought to be seen for what it is – which is the pushing of us into a revivified form of serfdom – with necessity as the excuse.

This, too, is inarguable.

If it were truly necessary, then the push would not be for expensive, high-performance EVs that most people cannot afford (leaving aside their preference for an alternative to them). The focus would not be – as it is – on how powerful and rapidly accelerating they are. These attributes are superfluities in a necessity. It is like a haughty lord of the manor gorging on suckling pig and mead while lecturing his serfs about the need to tighten their belts.

The necessity – if it were real – wouldn’t need excuses, either.

If the “climate” really were in “crisis,” we’d know it.  It would not be necessary to push people to believe it. Just the same as it was during the “pandemic.”  People would have seen the threat – which would have been self-evident – and taken the appropriate steps on their own, for rational reasons of self-interest as well as concern for others. Instead they saw “masks” everywhere – the ones  people were pushed to wear, so as to make them believe everyone else believed. The spread of this belief became the excuse for everything else.

And now they want you to believe it is necessary for you to accept further diminishment – because the “climate” is “changing.”

Don’t question any of it.

Because they don’t want to have to answer for it.

. . .

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