Jack Dorsey: VR Will Turn Us Into WALL-E Blobs Who ‘Drink Food Out Of Straws’

  • June 16, 2023
The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has leveled stark criticism at the end result of virtual and enhanced reality. It is currently very expensive to play, but as prices are brought down and the masses can afford to purchase, the disruptive side-effect could be devastating to society.  ⁃ TN Editor

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has issued a dire warning about the future, saying that we could end up living like the characters in WALL-E once headsets like the Vision Pro become the norm.

Mixed reality headsets like the Apple Vision Pro could turn us all into lazy blobs who drink food out of straws and watch TV 24/7.

That’s at least what billionaire Twitter founder Jack Dorsey thinks. In an interview, Dorsey said he’s worried that we’re moving towards a future that looks like the popular Pixar film WALL-E.

In WALL-E, humanity has spent hundreds of years on a spaceship controlled by AI. Their lives have become so comfortable that nobody has to exercise or work, and instead people just consume non-stop.

Dorsey said: “That’s the future we’re driving towards—with everyone in the floating chairs, drinking their food out of straws, and constant 24/7 entertainment.”

Dorsey said that while he thinks VR is ‘obviously going to happen’ and could be ‘phenomenal for gaming’, it could also cause some real problems once it becomes popular in the way that smartphones have.

He said: “I’m super worried and concerned with how out of touch it might make people and how it distances us further.

“You can see that like the whole world is headed this way and I want to believe that there’s a different answer. So it’s going to happen. I’m skeptical about some of the benefits and I hope we can have an honest conversation around some of the harms of more and more social distancing.”

This ‘mixed reality’ headset combines virtual reality with ‘augmented reality’, meaning you can see the world around you while interacting with apps, games or messages.

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