Jack Hunter: The Real Extremists are in Washington D.C.

Jack Hunter speaks at Nullify Now! Chattanooga on 10-23-10. Hunter talks about the endless growth of government under both political parties, how Pelosi, Kagan and others have no respect for Constitutional limits, what the founders intended, limited vs unlimited government, the unconstitutional prohibition of marijuana, California’s medical marijuana laws as defacto nullification, immigration in Arizona, how racism can exist in both decentralized and centralized systems, and nullification as the rightful remedy to stopping D.C.

Ron Paul on a Libertarian Presidency

“The is not a left-right thing. It’s not a liberal-conservative thing. It’s not a republican-democrat thing. It’s about a nation of 300 million who are going to have different ideas about what’s good and what’s bad, about what’s right and what’s wrong. They’re going to have different ideas about how things should be done. And, as a practical matter it only makes sense to allow states to make decisions. That’s only possible thing you can do. I don’t need to tell people in Vermont or California how to live, and they don’t need to tell me how to live. Better than that, the federal government doesn’t need to tell us all how to live.” Source: TenthAmendmentCenter

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