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  • June 9, 2023

As horribly successful as the effort was to infect the populace with hypochondria – for the sake of controlling it – the attempt ultimately failed because of the Control Group. These were the people who smelled a rat – and refused to “mask up.” Who saw through the mask. Who refused the so-called “vaccines.”

They didn’t die.

In fact, they remained healthy – while many of those who took the “vaccines” found they were still getting sick.

And in many cases, worse.

If everyone had succumbed to the fear – and the pressure – it would have been much more difficult to establish the cause, as well as what was not the solution. It would have been easier for those responsible for creating mass panic to leverage it even further than they managed to.

As bad as it was, it might have been much worse.

We came this close to a regime of “vaccine” passports. To having to provide Proof of Jab in order to be allowed to work – or even to shop. And far worse than that, as the principle would have been cemented that our “health” was now government business. The pretext for controlling everything.

Not just now. Forever.

A nightmare scenario.

Well, for us. For those of us who do not want to transition into feed lot cattle, ear-tagged and penned. Under the watchful eye of the rancher.

That is why – often at great personal and economic cost – some of us refused to join the herd. We took off the “mask” or better yet, never put one on. And by doing so, we showed the herd that “masking” did nothing – other than turn human beings into bipedal cattle. Many still refused to see, of course. And continued to “mask.” A few still do. But it became progressively more absurd to wear the “mask” – and obviously tyrannical to require it – as time passed.

Just the same as the “plague of the unvaccinated” that never materialized.

Or rather, in reverse.

Thank the Control Group for that.

Better yet, join it.

Generally. Not just as regards showing your face (and not rolling up your sleeve) but as regards everything that is contrary to your will. That you see is wrong. Is evil. Don’t be a part of it. Don’t buy into it.

As in, literally.

Observe the effect of the Control Group upon the sales – or rather, the lack – of Bud Light, just-like-that no longer the best-selling beer on account of the Control Group not buying it. Or rather, refusing to buy into the evil of the Alphabet Agenda. The same as regards Target – which was (and still is) targeting children with the same agenda. The Control Group is now targeting Target, by refusing to buy into it.

The less we do, the harder it is for Target, et al, to push it

People who aren’t buying electric cars are not buying into the lie that the “climate” is “changing,” the next pretext for controlling us and – if not checked – locking us down, again. If – when – that happens, it will be even more imperative that a Control Group refuses to be locked down. It would be much better if that Control Group assured such locking-down never happens, in the first place. And the way to assure that is to do essentially the same thing that those of us who refused to “mask” did, by openly challenging the lie behind it.

This is how wrong is exposed – and evil destroyed.

By not enabling it. By not funding it.

Stop buying the products (and using the services) of companies run by people who despise you – and want to control you.

They depend upon your passivity, your understandable desire to not make a fuss and to be let alone. But – understand – they will never leave you alone. It is contrary to their nature, not merely their agenda. They are driven by a deep-seated sadism and hatred of others – of humanity, which they regard as cattle and themselves the ranchers thereof. Everything they say is not merely a lie, it is also something worse.

The Control Group saw and understood this as the “pandemic” unfolded. It was not obdurate selfishness that prompted them to show their faces. It was that they knew what it was really all about and were determined to not be a part of it.

Just the same as parents who have come to understand what government schooling is all about have chosen to not be a part of it.

Homeschooled kids are another – possibly, determinative – Control Group. They do better – academically and psychologically – than kids herded into government schools, where obedience to authority is the primary curriculum. Homeschooled kids develop the wonderful habit of questioning it – and by doing that, become the Control Group of the future.

Ours may may well depend on it, too.

. . .

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