Marco Janssen from The joins to dissect the devious and malevolent plans of the International Bankster elite. As Marco points out, the blueprint of the Banksters includes endless debt compounded by usurious interest. The goal is to enslave nations and people to debt which can NEVER be re-payed, leaving future generations mired in Bankster-designed serfdom. This is nothing less than Neo-Feudalism, and as Greece has so clearly illustrated, if the people don’t rise up and fight back, the Banksters will seize key infrastructure and public works. As we have long said here at SGT Report, at this point in human history it’s clear that the real war being waged on planer earth is the war of the BANKSTERS VS. HUMANITY.


Consequences? Barclays Exec Involved In LIBOR Fixing Becomes Bank’s Head Of Asia-Pac

Mark Dearlove, a Barclays Plc executive who was involved in the manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, was named as the U.K. lender’s head of markets for Asia-Pacific.

The banker will relocate to Tokyo from London, replacing Conor Brown, who’s taking a sabbatical, the company said in a memo confirmed by Hong Kong spokesman Allister Fowler.

Dearlove, an almost 20-year veteran of Barclays, will be responsible for the firm’s equities, credit and so-called macro unit, which comprises currencies, commodities and rates in the region. He was most recently head of treasury execution services, the memo said.

The banker accepted that he was involved in manipulating Libor, a U.K. judge said at a court hearing in January 2014, citing Dearlove’s witness statement.

Former Barclays Chief Operating Officer Jerry Del Missier told lawmakers in July 2012 that he instructed Dearlove to submit artificially low rates, after being instructed to do so by former Chief Executive Officer Robert Diamond. Del Missier and Diamond both resigned at the height of the Libor scandal.

Dearlove will begin his transition to the new role on June 1, while Brown is expected to return to the bank in 2016, according to the memo. Dearlove will join Barclays’ Asia Pacific executive committee and markets executive committee with immediate effect.

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