Transcript of The Boston Marathon Cover-Up


Repost from the Pete Santilli Show: Boston Bomber Shootout & Manhunt – LIVE Feed & Breaking News Coverage

[expand title=”Chronology Part 1″ tag=”h4″]2:01 two suspects Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi on Kevin Michael twitter
2:49 Boston Police Watertown community alert
3:09 House to house searches waiting till daylight.
3:52 Recording an archive to report facts. Newcenter 5, newsfeed, MIT police officer killed.
4:32 Conflicting stories of suspect, some say he’s dead, some say he’s in the hospital
5:05 Go back to WCVB, click here to listen to live coverage.
5:38 Mass State Police, if you see anything call 911, this is live from ABC TV in Boston
6:22 Gun shots, explosives, IED, explosives everywhere in Watertown, don’t even use your cell phones.
6:58 suspect one is dead suspect two is on the run.
7:16 Gun fight, second officer is hit.
7:47 Back side of suspect number 2. Person who police and FBI see as the outstanding person, going door to door guns drawn.
8:30 Wait for law enforcement, don’t do anything on your own.
8:57 This looks promising, indeed 2 suspects, suspect 1 is dead.
9:21 Detonating a device, controlled detonation, air horn. Just reading off the teleprompter.
10:00 Same rhetoric coming during the Boston marathon
10:32 John Atwater: In your home. The most haneous crime in America is at the end of your street.
11:02 Nothing said about the Brown student. got information from Googling
11:33 Controlled demo at Dexter and Loell St in Watertown
12:05 Going on ustream too, Lexi wants to come on.
12:41 Watertown, Dexter and Loell St.
12:50 Right now they don’t have the light of day.
13:05 Encouraging you to stay inside. They are going to have a controlled detonation, not explosion.
13:40 Dexter and Laurel, they are saying Loel on twitter
13:51 What is the hashtag, showdown at Dexter and Laurel, trending hashtag. #SunilTripathi
14:49 #Watertown is trending. Lexi there?
15:15 Detonate something in controlled form, with air horn preceding.
15:47 Recording a naked guy was taken into custody.
16:17 Did not hear from FBI until 5 in the afternoon, after Obama at healing service.
16:42 Zoomed in at Laurel and Dexter.
16:57 Any helicopter coverage, established that Watertown is 10 mins outside of Boston
17:35 On Ustream right now, going to go as we normally, 2 suspects got in a shoot out with police.
18:14 Main purpose, listen for information, we will determine what conflicted later on.
19:08 Call bull crap on the Brown student being the perpetrator.
19:37 We had a report that Sunil Tripathi was missing since March 16, March 24 missing person from Providence
20:07 There was a Facebook page set up for him, that was taken down at 11 pm tonight.
20:42 Cached Facebook, Brown undergraduate Sunil Tripathi missing, since Wed, Suni we miss you so much.
21:36 With each minute missing you. As of 9 hours ago, still with you.
22:21 Cached version of family Facebook. Top of page, read telephone 401 641 8691 Providence PD
23:06 Calling…
23:27 This is Mark please leave a message, Pete Santilli live on the air.
23:52 Sunil Tripathi, missing person, wanted to speak to someone at PPD
24:22 Like to speak to someone on the record.
24:45 Another number, 401 272 3121 PPD,
25:49 Providence Police Dept answers, emergency number..
26:11 Have you been able to identify that Sunil Tripathi the suspects, have him listed as missing
26:37 Might want to speak to Boston
27: 12 phone ringing
27:25 Providence PD Investigative Division, no operator.
27:48 I have Boston MA, communication line,
28:22 Need to call that guy tell him we are getting reports of this kid being involved
28:42 Was he missing.
28:50 Lexie Boston communication line number, Providence, don’t seem to have any idication
29:30 If they don’t know this missing guy is the same its a wierd anomolie.
30:08 Officer, operator 28, matter is so important. Sunil Triptathi one of the suspects, listed as missing
30:52 Please transfer to live human being..
31:16 Central Station, do you have operator number, Emory, Sunil Tripathi, reported as suspect
32:05 Have you been contaced, no, not at the moment. Do you have any record? Yes.
32:27 What would you do if I told you I found him? Are you still there?
32:56 Hung up on me. Not going to let that go.
33:15 I want to know why, there is nobody here? We are going to talk about it.
33:36 I will wait. Number 5, Pete Santilli, I was disconnected. Who can I speak to to verify, transferred.
34:30 Press conference, robbery took place in Cambrigdge, officer shot, car jacking involving Mercedes SUV
35:15 Pursuit went into a residential neighborhood, where there was an exchange of gunfire.
35:32 several explosive devices discharged, at the police officers, one of suspects struck and taken into custody,
35:47 Second suspect was able to flee from that car. NBTA officer was struck, active search from tactical teams
36:17 Public safety, asking everyone not to leave their homes, suspicious activity call 911 immediately.
36:53 looking for suspect consistent with the description of suspect #2 white hat individual who is involved in Mond bombing.
37:09 we have a picture, video of 7-11 last night that he is dressed in a gray hoodie type sweat shirt
37:17 Light skinned caucasion male with longer brown curly hair. Suspect #2 White Capped individual,
37:39 Suspect #1 was shot, just want to be clear, right now we are in a public safety mode now. He is considered armed and dangerous
38:11Asked Chief Devoe to briefly describe area and neighborhood
38:31 East Watertown Dexter, Laurel School Street area, stay in your homes. Knock on your door, screening of the safety.
38:57 Controlled blast at of some sort, no, not at this time.
39:11 some went off some did not. Not prepared to talk about identifications, that’s one reason those videos.
39:32 We don’t have the names, this is an ongoing invest. Sunil Tripatihi is now in the public domain..
40:03 Need to get a hold of the Tripathis as to why Facebook page was taken down.
40:30 We have got to get back to the incident. Impromptu press conference, this is a terrorist, why is he making that assumption
41:15 We don’t know this guy is a terrorist. this idiot msm reporter, using their feed.
41:39 Newest picture from 7-11 in Cambridge. The incident escalated to MIT Campus 10:20 on Thursday
42:09 MIT campus police officer found shot in vehicle at Vassser and Main St, multiple gun shot wounds, then the carjacking
42:37 Transit Police Officer in critical condition, Com Ed Davis, has tweeted suspect #1 is dead.
43:06 Suspect with dark hat, to get suspect #2 in number on priority.
42:44 Suspects heavily armed, small explosives, officer is in surgery.
44:17 Call 911, goal of law enforcement, find 2nd suspect, 4:27 this morning.
44:44 Damage of these suspects, 10:30 police officer killed, 11:00 Facebook page taken down. (in 30 min)
45:50 Police in Watertown with Federal Agents assisting looking for 2nd suspect.
46:17 “This has been an extremely violent night, remind you not to use your cell phone.”
46:30 Lexi, I have his sister’s phone number.
46:48 Time 1:29 am PST, doing live coverage, cataliog all of the bull crap
47:43 A lot of conflicting stuff, Sunil Tripathi name was out there, but now police are not saying
48:36 Kevin Michael TV News KallMeKG)l 1 hour ago.
48:58 Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi Boston Police Dept scanner, we have that recorded right now.
49:32 Public statement was that they were not going to release the names, only pictures.
50:07 Officer being treated at Mt. Auburn Hospital, critical con.
50:28 building surrounded in Watertown, that is where they have suspect #2
50:49 Sangita is Sunil’s sister, calling.
51:27 Going to try to get a hold of her.
51:44 As you hear stuff add to chat bar for time stamp. We have picked up on stuff not releasing
52:22 They may have id they have been able to recover. Rhode Island Police Dept, called, acted like they knew
absolutely nothing that was going on in Watertown
52:54 Ruckus from Ruckus Room, looking at the ABC news page.
53:20 Showing a picture of the suspect and then show missing Ivy League guy..
53:40 Catalog and observe narrative to be time stamped, as it evolves that is how they shape the story.
54:23 Screenshot of suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta and #2 Sunil Tripathi, why did they report those 2 suspects?
54:37 Channel 5 ABC, going out on UStream.
55:02 Sunil Trapathi is Indian American, not Muslim source: DNA
55:49 Who is Tripathi, have close up photos of Sunil Tripathi. Confirm on
56:44 Providence launched manhunt and Facebook page, has been take down, Hayley Peterson, @hcpeterson
57:24 Confirmed that information. 9 hours ago family members were still posting on page
58:01 Bill Hemmer Fox News tweeted earlier that suspect is Sunil Tripathi, trying to confirm
58:32 Mom’s name is Judy, father’s name.
59:04 Arriving at the scene with a bus, to evacuate people, get on the bus.
59:34 Emily update.. intense night for everyone, public safety
1:00 Judy Tripathi, Pete left message.
1:01 Like to discuss anomolies, concerned about that because a police officer was shot.
1:01 We want to verify that pictures are Sunil Tripathi.
1:02 FBI is quite honestly monitoring phone calls, Pete calls PPD.
1:02 Can you slow down, operator #28 made several attempts to call. Desk sargeant not responding? no, disconnected.
1:03 Matter of National Security, like to speak to someone live, no one can answer questions.
1:04 Need to verify, you put out a telephone number about Sunil Tripathi. Connecting…
1:05 Nothing wrong with me asking a question and holding them accountable to the public. No answer.
1:06 Central Station, can you hear me okay, are you there, very conveniently disconnected. just doing my job.
1:07 I want to know if they have been contacted about Sunil Tripathi,very important. Calling Operator 5
Lady at Central Station, continuously hangs up on me. I need someone in management on the line, are you there.
1:08 Central station, bad connection, I apologize.
The Boston PD suspect #1 has been shot, #2 is on the run, second name, he has been listed as missing in Providence RI
1:09 Call back in 20 mins. seems like you are not receiving calls, Ann Marie, calling back.
1:10 Feel better,that she wasn’t hanging up on you, News clip, 3rd floor peering out at the police, coming up with game plan
1:11 Immense police presence. Gun exchange went on for 5 or 6 minutes.
1:12 This thing is not over. 1:55 am PST, almost 5 am EST, manhunt in progress.
1:13 There has been a shooting. Been able to confirm. Explosive, pressure cookers, pots and pans
During live police updates, bombs were thrown at police officers, getting ready to discharge a bomb, they did not detonate bomb.
1:14 You are being told not to leave your home, if you do try to leave, you will be ordered back in.
1:16 Officer describing events.
1:17 Guns pointed on them, told to back off. Turn of cell phones, police as were also told to turn off cell phones.
1:18 Gun fight between authorities news update.
1:18 Ashley, Sunil Tripathi is Not “a Missing Brown Student” So Why the Costly Hunt for Him?
1:18 Brietbart person laying facedown. who is that person on the ground. Very American.
1:19 In picture claiming it’s him he has long curly hair, not short cropped hair. Pics they are claiming that are Sunil, don’t look like him.
1:20 News article, Lexi did reach Sunil’s sister and she hung up on her.
1:21 She turned off her phone. Did make contact sister, maybe just waking up.
Seems like the FBI would contact them immediately, that would be protocol.
1:23 Semi automatic weapons, when did you hear that this was the marathon bombing suspects? Officer said you never know,
1:24 Going to have Alexander Higgins on.
1:25 The scene in front of the house today, I don’t think he’s in the immediate area.
1:26 Cambridge bomb squad truck still there, they still have a fear that there are explosives in the area.
Did you see and officers assisting,
1:27 Guy screaming officer down, dogs barking, alarms going off. Mike Jelakis we are glad you are home as resident of Watertown.
Ashley’s article, catalog this:
The beguiling ‘Find Sunil Tripathi’ Facebook campaign that instantly transformed a mundane family melodrama into a major missing-persons
saga not only showcases the value of mastering social media, but also the disparity in the way rich and poor are treated by the press and police agencies.
1:29 To wit: From the start, 22-year-old Sunny Tripathi, the son of a wealthy software CEO, has been shrewdly marketed by his tech-savvy family as a
“missing Brown student” who mysteriously vanished one brisk March morning while strolling his college campus. In reality, however,
this young man isn’t missing, per se, and he’s not a student at Brown University either.
But those calculated embellishments are far more attention-grabbing than the unadorned truth would be: That Tripathi’s scholastic career at the esteemed
institute of learning he used to attend was derailed by chronic, untreated depression; and that he left a three word goodbye-cruel-world note just before
deliberately dropping off everybody’s radar.
1:30 Sunil is gone. He’s not where he’s supposed to be. But going into hiding, planning a highly-publicized suicide, being in the throes of a nervous breakdown
—whichever—this is certainly not a missing persons case in the sense that the public has come to understand them: An abduction or a murder.
And, while the Tripathi clan’s crisis is undeniably sad, a five-state all out manhunt for an emotionally disturbed, underweight youth who “always wears
three winter coats” and has a history of mental illness frankly isn’t merited.
That such a mindbogglingly humongous search effort now also includes the supremely pricey services of the taxpayer-funded Federal Bureau of Investigations
is also objectionable. Especially considering the unlimited financial assets the Tripathis have at their disposal for conducting this mission on their own, and that
those resources should obviously have been spent on getting their troubled son treatment before he pulled a Houdini on them.
“The police and FBI are going above and beyond the call of duty to find Sunil,” his mother Judy, a health-care professional, recently told reporters,
although nobody answered this reporter’s request for clarification as to the reason why.
1:31Pete Cataloged the multistate manhunt.
1:32 Lexie posted:
Holy shit, something’s happening at MIT. Three officers shot and two “Middle Eastern” Men firing at them with police and grenades.
There has been speculation, mostly kicked off by Reddit that missing Ivy League student Sunil Tripathi could be involved in the Boston bombing.
He went missing last month without a trace. The FBI became involved in the case, even though it was a presumed suicide.
Tripathi was a philosophy major at Brown University, not far from Boston, where the search expanded to. His father is a rich software engineer.
1:34 Right after he went missing, explosives were found near Brown University and destroyed in a controlled detonation. No one had been found behind it.
The location is halfway between Brown and Boston. The first incident was reported at 8:34 p.m. on March 12. Police and fire personnel responded to the
area of Pine Street and Tower Hill Drive. Witnesses at the nearby Target store on Washington Street reported seeing a bright flash and hearing two
explosions from that area. Several unexploded devices were found at the scene and later detonated under secure conditions by the State Police Bomb Squad.
The second incident was a few days later at 7:49 p.m. on March 15. The second incident was near the first, in the area of Hearthstone and Fieldstone lanes.
The area was searched but no explosives were found.
1:35 twitter feed for his family, we are on our way, may god be with us, backpacks on we are ready to go.
1:36 Alexander Higgins coming on, Ruckus you there, still here.
1:37 Back packs on were are ready to go. Introduce Alexander Higgins reporter for Before Its News.
1:38 Fired everyhing up, here with Susannah Cole, Ashley Jones, and Ruckus
1:39 Ready for patients. Suspect #1 Mike Mulugeta picture on screen, he is dead and Sunil Tripathi still on run, confirmed.
1:40 Take notes on this, very important. Email this link, need to catalog this Mike Mulugeta is dead. 3:06 Sunil Tripathi is named suspect.
1:42 Right after he went missing explosives were found at Brown University, exploded with controlled detonation.
8:34 on March 12, Nearby target store, reported seeing bright flash. 7:49 March 15 Second incident, no explosives found.
1:43 Twitter friend a little more than freaked out right now.
1:44 Headline Sunil Family in on Boston Bombing. Tweet: Good morning, another work and school week…
1:45 Something doesn’t add up there. Narrative as it evolves, we need disclose everything we know. Job is to report.
1:46 Government gatekeepers, take us to get out there and find out what is going on.
Contacted the Providence RI PD. Trying to verify if they’ve been contacted by Boston.
1:47 Lead detective is Mark Sacco. Pete Santilli here. forwarding call.
1:48 Central Station, Ann Marie, Desk Sargeant. My question, Sunil Tripathi listed as missing person, have you been contacted by FBI or Boston PD
1:49 Nothing confirmed on our end. Muriel, no contact from law enforcement. At this poinnt no.
1:50 How far are you from Boston, about 45 min. Cannot give any confirmation yet. Trying to get the facts straight before contacting. Would the FBI already have contacted parents?
Not unusual that you haven’t been contacted. Looking at pictures.. looks like it.
1:52 Explosives found at church and detonated. cannot confirm any questions.
1:53 Better off calling the Patrol Leutinent after 7 o’clock.
1:54 Explosives were actually detonated in Hanover, police seeking suspects March 12th. Several unexploded devices were found.
Did he give you a positive and a negative? yeah, can’t answer question, not on the up and up here. 55
1:55 Did say that is was confirmed that explosives were found.
1:56 We need to find out what kind of explosives were found.
1:57 Primary site right now at BeforeItsNews, Hurricane Sandy destroyed my house, so lost my computer servers.
Chief Kessler will be live on Monday, interviews as well. Has anyone threatened him.
1:58 More updates on that.
2:00 Two men of mideastern origin had hijacked a car, supposed suspects, took it across town. Shooting tonight at MIT
2:01 Shooting was connected to these suspects. Told they injured, tuned over to high speed chase, updates from Boston Police scanner.
2:02 Assualt rifle, shot and wounded suspect, second suspect in a warehouse
2:03 Update, buses and subway, public transit suspended. Martial Law
2:04 Residents of Watertown, Newton, Cambridge, etc. stay indoors for the time being. Business do not open today.
2:05 Asking people not to congregate outside. Chief Davoe.. no businesses allowed to be opened.
Formally Martial Law announcement.
2:06 We believe these are the individuals involved in the Boston Marathon
Alexander, report on Boston police scanner Sunil Tripathi is in a warehouse, declaration is a psyop to terrify the citizens.
2:07 Gave coordinates of the pursuit. Told snipers not to engage and to wait until morning.
2:08 Wanting to find out what we know, to chose how to evolve the story.
Recieved a lot of attention from the FBI, possilbe suicide, his father is wealthy CEO of a software company.
2:09 Depressed young man, FBI peculiar interest in this young man, while ignoring the other missing boys.
2:10 New information, first suspect did have a exploisve device on his chest. Both of these people were only in the country for a year
we know that is not true. Former school mate identified them.
2:11 Seeing a link snippet from NBC News. The U.S Government is directly involved in supplying these terrorists.
2:12 Did the FBI know about this well in advance at least since March 16th. Bombs in Providence.
2:13 The U.S. Government is not your friend, big show of force to condition us.
2:16 hasn’t been at Brown for a year and a half.
Law enforcement on NBC, international links been in country for a year.
2:17 Sunil was aPhilosophy Major at Brown University. Soundclip.
2:18 Family baffled and worried. Camera capturing student on March 16 at 1:33 am, left behind wallet and phone.
Tripathi brother and sister have been canvassing the road.
2:19 His sister Sangeeta Tripathi sounds very American, FBI agents turned up nothing. Those last few hours are important to assess what happened.
New note is new clue.
2:20 Only the country for a year, he had military training, he wasn’t even going to Brown for a year and a half.
2:21 Ruckus: “Authorities say these people came from overseas… had overseas military training [and have] been here about a year,
” NBC’s Pete Williams — the most reliable source through a chaotic week in Boston — reported Friday, citing multiple sources.
“There’s been a lot of speculation that one of these suspects is a student that went missing from Brown,” Williams said, dismissing the speculation.
Providence Police department said they are at least have a suspicion that he’s implicated in the bombings
2:22 Swat teams on the street, Mwraps in the street. Aren’t you glad we spent all this money for surveillance, don’t you feel safer now..
2:23 There is a report on Breitbart TV, we have military on the street, been there since 2 am. National guard pictured. Classes have been cancelled.
2:24 National Guard behind caution tape, what do you think Alexander, you can’t rely on FEMA, left high and dry in Sandy.
2:25 Gov Christie came and did a PR stunt, waited a month before we got a hotel. Only local churches helped. FEMA is not going to be there for you.
2:26 See swat guns drawn going into home, suspect cornered in warehouse.
2:28 We want to help you getting info out to 300,000 listners. I have been on standby.
Don’t see how it possible because there was a foot pursuit for over 20 minutes, entire area quaranteed off. This is conditioning people
2:29 Searching 20 Block Area with swat teams. Waiting for people to actually see this, for the to wake up.
2:30 Hannity Saudi National deportation happened on Wed. 18th, Pamela Gellar, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, going to be deported on
national security grounds, has terrorist ties.
2:31 Law enforcement started false Katherine Herridge, I approxmated he was investigated in only 15 hours.
2:32 Shabalt wrote Wednesday a quick Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi clan steeped in terrorism, active fighters for Al-Qaeda.
2:33 Direction on how to make a bomb with pressure cooker published in AlQaeda, President Barack Obama met with Saudi Foreign Minister
Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House Wednesday. They reportedly discussed the conflict in Syria.
2:34 Wednesday’s embarrassing display of rolling incompetence extended to badly mangled leaks, cancellations of press conferences,
misidentified suspects, the promise of an imminent arrest, walking back of the arrest announcement, and more. Very suspicious.
2:34 Obama just fast tracked Visa for Saudis.
2:35 They take up a version Islams that akin to Hitler’s version of Christianity. They don’t believe in governments like we do.
It’s a religious monarchy, indoctrinate their citizenry.
2:36 Smuggling weapons to them. Free lance mercenary forces, this is all very bad news CIA need black ops, send AlQaeda wherever they
need to attack.
2:37 Look at what happened at 9/11 we issued immunity to the Saudi’s. Orwellian Double Speak.
2:38 Is Obama Covering Up Saudi Role In Boston Bombings?
2:39 Jan. 14, 2013: President Obama meets in the Oval Office with Saudi minister of interior.
Jan. 16: Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano signs “arrangement” with Saudi minister bestowing “trusted traveler”
status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal security screening procedures.
April 15: Saudi college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is seen near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis.
He’s tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings. Authorities question him.
April 15: FBI agents search Alharbi’s apartment, leave with bags of evidence. He’s described as a “person of interest” in attacks
2:40 Turn around and attack our embassy, April 17, April 17: Obama has sudden unscheduled meeting with the Saudi foreign minister at White House.
April 17: Justice Dept. scolds CNN for arrest report. FBI cancels press conference. Courthouse bomb scare.
April 17: Terror expert Steve Emerson reports ICE has been ordered to “deport” Alharbi for “national security” reasons, out of reach of FBI questioning.
April 18: Napolitano denies Alharbi will be deported.
The king of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday condemned the Boston Marathon bombings, saying no religion or morals would condone such an attack.
2:41 The Saudi government has been cracking down on Islamic militants since AL-Qaida launched a wave of attacks in the country in 2003,
killing dozens. It has sought to distance itself from terrorist acts in the past, including the Sept. 11 attacks, where 15 of the 19 hijackers involved were Saudi citizens.
That is a JOKE.
2:42 Assad said the west will regret backing AlQaeda.
2:43 Bus loads of SWAT Team Members. At least 50 Cop Car line. As the bombing occurred, give credit to
There were about to bring a white right wing extremists.
2:44 Watched 50 car caravan, food for thought. possible these college students are nothing more than patsies. The FBI involvement, bombs everywhere.
2:45 These two were stealing the heat, going to do robbery. Update: Watertown is now in lockdown.
2:46 Very good point, Ruckus: comment:A Saudi woman? No doubt involved in the plot. What Saudi woman stands among infidels watching a marathon?
2:47 Comment found on the article. People driver for the show, strict about their women. Brand new GMC SUV’s Black charger with black tinted windows.
2:48 Typical Homeland Security car. Helmet straight out of Nazi Germany. He is ready for combat.
2:49 The last two terrorists they burnt them down beyond recognition.
2:50 Reporter tried to question the doctor, did not want to answer questions. All these brand new SUV’s, chargers with black tinted window, all brand new and buffed up.
2:51 They have command posts set up. Janet Napolitano is now in town, everyone is safe.
2:52 Welcome Corkscrew from Australia and Phobos who’s a contractor in South Korea, Heather, Binary Recoil. Thanks guys.
2:53 Great Photo Op, fully stocked and ready to go, that you spent a trillion dollars on. Look where they have gotten you. What a show of force.
Watching the Fall of the American Empire, over abundance, sustainability. Safety and Security for us all, surrender our dollars and our civil liberties.
2:54 Door to door with full combat gear. Look of fear on their faces.
2:55 Old ladies and gentlemen taken out of their house, Health and Safety check. Going on since 3 am, conducting searches inside these houses.
2:56 Twenty two year old kid, 130 lbs, that they just say is responsible for the bombing.
2:57 Live feed here, officers are going in from room to room. Urgent AP alert, Boston bomb suspects are Russian Chechen
They are Indian.. Are you sick yet, did you think they would ever be this stupid. This is easy pick ens low hanging fruit.
If I find out what is going on here, we will pummel you and destroy, we need you to stand down and get the F out of our way.
2:58 BPD broadcast of Sunil, what was that, what are the pictures, how can you tell me that guy is Russian,
2:59 They broadcast over the air, Mr CIA himself, Watertown is on a lockdown, door to door search.
3:00 Have to stop this recording right here. We are going to continue on with coverage momentarily…[/expand]

Chronology Part II Hours Three through Four April 18th Live Breaking News in minutes


[expand title=”Chronology Part 2″ tag=”h4″]Pete is joined by Alex, Ashley Jones, Alexis Cole, Ruckus and Susannah Cole

00:01 Phobos said “That is horse shit!” He spent years in Chechny and there are no Russian Muslims

00:03 Swat teams and police are surrounding a building

0:04 They are saying it’s a Chechnyan

0:05 Patrick Henningson comes online and Pete sums up what has happened

2 suspects are from Russia, Chechna area
on police scanner reported that suspect 1 Mike Mulugeta and suspect 2 Sunil Tripathi
suspect 2 is at large
(Sunil Tripathi is an Indian American, went to Brown University.. he went missing since March 16)

0:09 Pete calls the FBI to report Sunil Tripathi as a missing person

00:12 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 19 years old from Cambridge Mass, suspect

00:13 Pete – founded fact.. 4 hours ago someone identified suspect 1 is Mike Mulugeta and suspect 2 is Sunil Tripathi, but AP are reporting that the suspects are from Chechnya

00:15 Feds are controlling information going into Russia

00:18 Suspects are from Chechnya Russia Suspect 1 19, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at large

00:19 Pete calls FBI about the national security issue saying there having conflicting reports about the suspects

00:24 Patrick says Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a graduate of Cambridge, varsity wrestling all star

00: 24 Patrick said feds are stopping all news from getting to Russia

00:28 Suspect 1 Mike Mulugeta reported dead, Sunil Tripathi suspect 2 was broadcasts over the air by Boston police department

00:29 photos of Sunil Tripathi at site of bombing, who they are now identifying as a Chechnyan

00:31 Sunil’s girlfriend freaked out cause she saw her boyfriend on TV

00:32 reporter in Boston tweeted there was a Mercedes SUV 137NZ1, may be headed to NY.. .was carjacked, holding a passenger.. looking for 2 middle eastern decent.. now they are being call Chechnian

00:34 Sunil disappeared shortly after 2 explosives were detonated near the school he was going to
00:37 Pete called Sunil’s mom, but she didn’t answer

00:38 They are about to kill Sunil

00:40 Alexi called Sunil’s sister

00:42 live news clip

00:44 On April 18th, at 11pm 30 minutes after MIT police officer was shot, Sunil’s face book page was taken down

00:46 Sunil’s girlfriend tweeted that she saw him on TV

00:48 Police are searching for Sarnaev, they are going door to door doing searched, national guard on the streets

00:50 Time line
They were on Before it’s News, working. They saw an article by Alexander Higgins that there was a report of an officer down outside of Brown University killed. Alexander came on with a report saying that the suspects were Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi, there was a gunfight. Mike was killed, he had a bomb strapped to his chest. Bombs were thrown at the police officers

00:51 Pete – Mass troopers are marching in unison

00:52 Sue- Sunil has been missing since March 16, his family had a face book page dedicated to him. News broke on the scanner at 10:30 that he was suspect and at 11:00 the family took the page down. We assumed that the family was alerted. Bill Hemmel tweeted that the suspects had shot 2 police officers, one dead, one critical condition.

00:54 Now they have him cornered and are about to swat team them. Now they are saying it’s not them. It’s two Russian boys.

00:56 All the information from AP comes from the FBI

00:57 The display of the police state is horrifying

00:59 Patrick – he is about to get Dornered

1:00 News clip – “Terrorist expert” The Chechnyans were banning together with Chinese extremist and the Taliban

1:04 News clip continues to talk bout the prevalence of terrorist

1:08 They are warning people to stay indoors, because they don’t know where suspect 2 is

1:15 There are multiple people, people said names over the scanner.. NBC is refuting that

1:17 Suspect 1 was arrested, naked and died in the hospital

1:19 Lexi said it was broad casted by military in addition to police scanners

1:20 Military intercepted the police scanners

1:21 Lexi said 4:38 am Sunil is who they are chasing

1:25 Sue – The military called it Operation Tango 911

1:28 Pete – They are jacking the photos

1:30 Pete has 4 or 5 different links where they heard that it was Sunil

1:31 transportation and schools are such down in the Boston area

1:34 many cities around Boston are shut down

1:36 scanner – approach suspect with caution, he has a bomb on him

1:37 Phobos says this is not a Chechnian terrorist attack. It would be bigger and there would be hostages involved

1:39 Sue – Infowars was reporting that photos went viral 4chan seemingly indicating Sunil Tripathi as one of the suspect

1:44 Pete a review with Alexander Higgins and Patrick
first they sited Alexander’s report
they went live
Scanner reported Mike Mulugeti and Sunil Tripathi were the two suspects
Michael Skolinick(sp?) said he heard it with his own ears
Lexie heard it on the scanner, Sunil is who they were chasing
1:03 am Pacific somebody put that those two were the suspects
then they found out Sunil went missing on March 16
Sunil’s girlfriend saw him and confirmed it was him as suspect 2
multiple people heard them report Sunil as a suspect
10:30am MIT police officer was shot
11:00 Sunil’s face book is taken down

1:50 Sue – Lexie just reported they are chasing a man in a black hoodie on foot

1:51 Pete – guy laying down on the pavement was not either of the suspects

1:52 A building is surrounded by a caravan
they are reporting a possible explosion
military vehicles, helicopters over head
emergency signals going off in willow park

1:53 Pete – Tango down

1:54 scanner of the chase of suspects

1:56 1617 Willow – Citizens have been evacuated

1:58 A armored swat team is coming in

1:59 A heavily armored military vehicle with a satellite[/expand]

Avoid Becoming a Patsy like Dzhokar Tsnaraev (Updated)

Getting framed for a false flag can happen to anyone.

— Henry Makow (@HenryMakow) April 9, 2015

5 Key Questions That Were Not Asked During Trial of ‘Boston Bomber’ Dzhokhar. Thanks, Henry Makow, for spotting this:

— James Perloff (@jamesperloff) April 8, 2015

FBI had long been in contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and that the bombing was a set-up, say family members.

— Henry Makow (@HenryMakow) April 9, 2015

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