Mental Illness Visibility Day

  • March 31, 2024

Today is Easter – the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Apparently, there is some confusion about this. Joe Biden has declared it “Trans Visibility Day” – as if these mentally ill people weren’t all-too-visible, already.

To describe people who actually insist they literally are the opposite sex because they feel they are and because they change the way they look and act to simulate what they aren’t is precisely that.

They are mentally ill.

This is not meant in meanness. It is meant compassionately because diagnostically. Because it is objective the case. If you have an uncle who literally believes he is Napoleon – as per the old Warner Brothers cartoons some may remember – you do not pretend he is Napoleon and address him as emperor. You get help for him. Because it is not good for him to wallow in a delusion.

He is harmed by our pretending it isn’t delusional.

It is far worse to expect others to share his delusion by pretending it isn’t exactly that. It is a kind of soul cancer for a society to be expected to go along with that. It is not a harmless thing to pretend that reality is fungible. Because if you go along with that, the people who insist you pretend can make you go along with anything. If a boy can “transition” into a girl and you must address him as her and pretend to believe he actually is “she,” then you have already agreed – per Orwell – that the chocolate ration has been increased (rather than decreased) and that 2+2=5 when you are told by the reality controllers it is. Put more directly, reality no longer matters.

Except, of course, that it does. Because no matter what one believes about reality, it remains reality. We can all pretend to believe that a person who isn’t a male is a female (and the reverse) because they insist on it – and thereby share in their delusion. But it doesn’t alter reality. All it does is alter our respect for reality – which is perhaps the most dangerous and delusional indulgence of all.

Which brings us to what is probably the real reason for this aggressive shoving-down-our-throats of unreality acceptance. It is to get us to accept as fact whatever they tell us is true. You must accept that males can “transition” into females and if you point out that “she” still has male chromosomes and male equipment (even if only vestigial, the large parts surgically removed or altered) then you are both a “hater” and a “denier.”

Do you see the power of that?

If they can secure general acceptance of the principle that reality is whatever the powerful say it is, then assertions about reality not only no longer matter, they transition into an offense. Orwell made this point in his famous novel, 1984. He called it thoughtcrime – by which meant any thought that did not align with whatever the party said was  true in the moment that the party said it was. This “truth” could (and did) change at any time and when it did, the old “truth” became untruth – and those who said otherwise or even remembered otherwise were thought criminals.

This is where things are headed now. In our reality.

It is the true significance of Trans Visibility Day. Mocking Christianity – by pretending Easter is about the “visibility” of mentally ill people rather than the death and resurrection of the founder of Christianity – is merely the insult covering up the much uglier reality. It is not enough that you are tolerant of mental illness by pretending not to see it. You must affirm – you must celebrate – that it isn’t. Hence the lighting up of major New York landmarks with the colors of this delusion. Hence the proclamation of the crooked old grifter who is the current frontman for those pushing these delusions – in order to establish the principle that they can push (and enforce) any delusion they like and we must accept it as whatever they tell us it is.

If not, we’re “hateful” – and “deniers.”

Once this is accepted, it’s very easy to accept dealing with the people who are those things, according to the people who insist they are those things. Such people – “deniers,” those “hateful people – cannot be allowed to spread their “hate” and “denial”  . . . of whatever the reality-fuckers claim is the new reality. It must be accepted. It must be celebrated.

It cannot be questioned.

In this regard, take note of the language used by the Biden Thing in his proclamation. He “calls upon all Americans” to “work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity.”

Do you understand what that means? If you think it means people ought not to physically attack mentally ill people, think again. It means that saying they are mentally ill is “violence” – and that you’d better not “discriminate” by refusing to pretend he is a she (and she is a he).

Happy Easter, everyone.

. . .

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