Merry Christmas 2023!

  • December 23, 2023

It’s almost Christmas – and I almost forgot to wish everyone a merry one!

More seriously, that we all find joy in the good things we have and the good people who make our lives better. Family and friends. I count all of you reading this among mine. I have gotten to know many of you over the years and even though I’ve not yet met most of you in person, I count you among the blessings I’m grateful for – all the more so given the times in which we live. It has been a comfort and encouragement to me to know there are so many good people out there. It is a counterbalance to the bad people we’re all having to think about – and deal with.

But I believe there are more good than bad people; the bad people are merely louder – falsely magnifying their significance. We, on the other hand, have (arguably) been too quiet – and for too long. We have enabled them – arguably – for too long. We have made the mistake, in my view, of taking them at their word – that they mean well but are misinformed or even merely incompetent when in fact they are malicious.

They intend to ruin us. Because they hate us. And they hate us because we will not submit to being controlled by them. This is now out in the open. Everything they have tried to do to us over the past three-plus years is evidence of this.

They knew that “COVID” was no threat to kids – yet they systematically psychologically tormented kids by teaching them to be afraid; that they were going to get sick – and perhaps die – and that they might cause the death of “granny,” if they gave her a hug and didn’t wear a “mask.”

They pushed drugs on people who didn’t need them, knowing that these drugs had no power to prevent them from catching – or spreading – “COVID.” They pushed them using threats of economic destruction and social anathematization worthy of Juden sind hier unerwusncht (Jews – and the unvaccinated – not wanted here).

Even though they knew these drugs had dangerous, potentially life-ending side effects such as the permanent damage to once-health hearts caused by them.

It did not matter to them. It still does not matter to them. They continue to push the drugs.

What does it say about them?

Why are they pushing EVs that they know the average person cannot afford to buy? Why do they seem oblivious to inarguable facts such as the lack of adequate generating capacity to power more than a small handful (relatively speaking) of very expensive EVs that most people can’t afford?

Are the government apparatchiks who regulate “emissions” unaware that carbon dioxide does not cause or worsen pollution? Do they not know that plant life dies without it – and so do we, if there is no oxygen, which is produced by plants as an “emission”?

If these people who insist that sea levels are rising dangerously due to “climate change” really believed that, why do they buy estates just yards away from the shore?

We are told that we must accept gross violations of our persons as well as our personal effects as the price of being able to fly commercially, because it is necessary to prevent “terrorists” from commandeering commercial aircraft. But if it is necessary, why is it not also done to people who fly privately? Those who can afford the latter are not subjected any violations of their person – or personal effects. They simply board – and fly.


Could it be that what’s really necessary is getting the bulk of the public used to being ordered about by government workers? Used to gross violations of their persons and personal effects? So as to make them less likely to object to more – and worse?

These things are all of a piece in that they are not things done by good people who mean well but are merely misguided, misinformed or incompetent. If they were any of those things, then at least some of these things would have been apologized for and done away with.

None of them have. And worse is yet to come.

Understanding this is the essential first step on the road to dealing with it – and with them. We must set aside the normal-times-defaults of forbearance, deference and the presumption that they mean no harm.

They mean us worse.

2024 will be the beginning of the end – or the end of the beginning. It falls upon us to determine which way it goes.

. . .

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