Michael Savage Donald Trump Interview February 1, 2011

Donald Trump is completely wrong in his assertion that Paul has “zero chance” of beating Obama. Indeed, once the establishment media gets its teeth into the likes of Palin, Romney, Gingrich and indeed Trump himself, their compromised backgrounds will almost guarantee Obama the victory, whereas Paul’s squeaky clean track record cannot be as easily distorted. By the time the campaign season is in full swing, and the mud begins to stick to the names of establishment Republican candidates, Ron Paul may be the only contender who can beat Obama in 2012.

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Michael Savage Reads Between the Lines of the Egypt Riots; Maybe Remembering Our History is the Key to the Future

Independent Conservative radio phenomenon Michael Savage has read the writing on the wall of the Egypt riots. On his show, Savage astutely points out something hiding in plain sight: the fact that many of the protest signs being slung by the protesters in Egypt are preprinted, in block letters and in English.

Please don’t make me go through the “if it walks like a duck” cliche’.

Earlier in the week, it was rumored on many news venues that the US was somehow behind, or supporting, the massive protests in Egypt. Now if you think back over the years, this is a common occurrence in such situations, meaning the pretty new signs. The fact that no one has pointed this out is astounding. The fact that Savage was the first is altogether understandable.

Look at it this way, as far as our profoundly lame media are concerned: Intelligence and wisdom are two different things, and are rarely seen in the same room together, let alone within the same person. A man like Michael Savage, unique in US media, belies my above statement. Concerning intelligence and wisdom, Savage has them locked down….with a vise grip.

All that aside, I find myself curious about the timing of these protests. I also find myself mildly interested in the suddenness of them. Think for a moment: did they not seem to happen without warning? Mind you, I’m not suggesting anything, but you must put that and the above clues together to just wonder what road map is being written out of this seemingly orchestrated chaos.

The painfully meek response for President Obama would be pathetic if it weren’t so predictable. If it’s not bad enough that this administration has quite consciously distanced itself from our ties with Israel – let alone many of our allies – apparently the gang that runs our country is giving tacit approval to the explosive events in Egypt. And, make no mistake, this will spread.

So I return to the issue of timing. As Obama’s healthcare decree crumbles, chaos erupts elsewhere. It would be suspicious if Obama’s response had actually been cogent. Mark my words, how this plays out will be most fascinating. Just watch it and be aware. Notice detail.

And, not to put too fine a point on it, pay attention to those who are not owned by the Republican or Democrat parties in this country. Michael Savage is a firebrand and his own man. So listen to the independent voices with no obligation; no need to be the surfs of the cardboard voices.

Because if you stand outside the cage and observe what goes on inside you’re not one of those inside who either want to control those in with you, or get the hell out.

Author: Andrew T. Durham

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