Militarized AI, Raw Milk, Push to WW3, Moral Dilemma Coming When Society Collapses

Today’s show is composed of recent interviews with guests who’ve talked about militarized AI (Paul Sparre) and China threat, the globalist push to war (Joel Skousen), the history of pasteurization, homogenization, and prohibition of raw milk (Liz James), and a short story of tough moral decisions people will face when society breaks down (Jack Lawson)

BEGINS 0:00 Paul Scharre, former Army Ranger who served in Iraq & Afghanistan, and author of award winning study of autonomous weapons — “Army of None“, VP & Director of Studies at Center for a New American Security. While the book “Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” focuses on AI in the context of power and competition between US & China, Mr Scharre writes “This book is about the darker side of AI”. It’s not the usual concerns about AI becoming sentient and malicious, but AI used maliciously by humans.

BEGINS 1:00:25 Joel Skousen,, talks details on the equipment and tactics in Ukraine and the long term strategy of US, Russia and China. And what can YOU do to protect yourself by strategic relocation, securing your home and shelter at

BEGINS 1:51:51 First BigAgra came for raw milk teaming up with FDA. Now the intention is to stop ALL dairy & meat for “climate”. Liz James lays out the history of pasteurization and homogenization and the health benefits of raw milk and gives an update for a cooperative to help people take charge of their blood transfusions to avoid mRNA and other health risks NOT being screened by corporate blood providers. Raw milk begins about 10:40 minutes into interview

BEGINS 2:47:33 Jack Lawson,, relates a true story from Zimbabwe about the moral dilemma we will face when society breaks down.

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