• September 11, 2023

Today is emergency day. That is to say, it is Nahhhnnleven – to say it like The Chimp did (and does). It was not so much the day terrrists and “enemies of freedom” attacked the United States as it was the day emergency – dial 911! – became not just a day but all the time.

We have been living in a perpetual state of emergencies – plural – ever since. One after the next. Terrorism – state sponsored – was imposed upon travelers, who for the past 22 years have been treated as if they were terrorists. Worse, actually. Because there is some dignity in being a terrorist – and none at all in submitting to being handled as if you were one. But only if you aren’t one of the political terrorists – the ones who imposed terror on us. The political terrorists fly private and so do not get handled. They just board – and laugh.

At us.

in 2020 another “emergency” was declared as the old one’s power began to wane. A “virus” even worse than terrrrrr was used to terrorize us. And tyrannize us. The original emergency’s powers could only be felt at airports; if you didn’t fly, you still felt like you were living in a sort-of free country.

But the enemies of freedom never rest.

Somebody coughed. And wouldn’t you know it? A new “emergency”! It was the one used to get rid of the Orange Man, who was the man who declared the “emergency.” He never un-declared it, even after it had become obvious there wasn’t one. Even after it had become obvious that the “emergency” was being used to assure the Orange Man’s removal – which either the Orange Man was too obtuse to see and understand or was part of his own removal.

As in playing his part.

Now he wants to play us – again. But that is a subject for another time.

In the meantime, we can expect another – a new (again) – “emergency,” to give a kind of booster shot to the ongoing one. We already know – this time – what the “emergency” is because it has already been announced. It is the climate “emergency.” Or – rather – the “climate” crisis. It has been hot, you see. Never mind it being summer. Never mind this summer has been cooler in most places. The rhetoric is much hotter. So also the “reporting,” which foments the impression of an “emergency” that sways impressionable people.

The cases! The cases! The heat! The heat!

It is all the same.

Kids used to read stories that caused them to think while being entertained. Stories like The Boy Who Cried Wolf! Adults who read that story as kids were intellectually inoculated against rhetoric about “emergencies” – especially those that never seem to end. Particularly those declared by the same people who declared the last “emergency.”

Today, most kids watch TeeeeeVeeeee. And are programmed to respond to “emergencies.” They do not look around them to see whether – as in the prior “emergency” – the bodies actually are stacking up like cordwood, the hospitals overflowing – and so on. Instead, they hear about the cases! the cases! and they believe there is an “emergency.” Their lying eyes notwithstanding.

And so it will continue until this crisis passes. Which it won’t, until most of us develop an instinctive suspicion of those who shriek at us about the latest “emergency” that requires us to give up more of whatever remains of the freedom we used to have before all of these “emergencies” were declared – and never ended.

. . .

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