NC Civitas Institute Discredits Restoration of Glass-Steagall Act

North Carolina’s feudalist “conservative” leaders, including the Civitas Institute, Koch Brothers, and the Austrian School, all agree that the banksters should have their way, in the ultimate control of our monetary system. They agree with Bill Clinton who removed Glass-Steagall protections.

Larouche PAC: North Carolina Feudalists Screech Against Glass-Steagall Resolution

North Carolina’s anti-government Civitas Institute has come out swinging against H.R. 836, the “Support Restoration of Glass-Steagall Act” introduced before the state legislature with four co-sponsors from both parties. Civitas nominated the resolution for its “Bad Bill of the Week” on April 29, fulminating that the resolution “is a fact-free proclamation seeking to perpetuate a harmful myth surrounding the financial collapse of 2008… namely that it was de-regulation of the banking system that caused the financial crisis.”

What, then, is the Civitas Institute? It is financed almost exclusively by right-wing North Carolina businessman and powerbroker Arthur Pope, a close buddy of the notorious anti-government Koch brothers, who also associates with the Atlas Economic Research Institute created by the feudalists of the “Austrian School” and its Mont Pelerin Society.

No surprise, then, that this crowd would scramble to sink North Carolina from joining “the Glass-Steagall train.” North Carolina Representative Walter Jones was the initiating co-sponsor with Marcy Kaptur on H.R. 129, the federal bill to restore Glass-Steagall, and the idea of support from the state legislature for H.R. 129 does not please Bank of America, which squats over the state from its Charlotte headquarters.


Libertarian network chart

Libertarian network chart

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