Negative 102 Percent

  • May 23, 2023

The headline being the amount Ford admits it has lost – so far this year – on the “sale” of electric vehicles. Such “sales” are going to bankrupt Ford if they don’t stop making them. But Ford says not to worry; “sales” will improve by 2026 – by which time Ford (and the rest who’ve’ “invested” in “electrification”) no doubt have been told by the Biden Thing people will be faced with the No Choice option:

Either buy an EV or don’t drive anything else. The latter to be forced out of the showrooms – this is already happening – or be priced out of the EV you’re not already driving, as by “fees” (government euphemism for hand-over-money to be allowed to do something you used to have a right to do) few can afford to pay. They will jack up license/registration costs for non EVs, apply additional costs – until it costs more to drive a car that isn’t electric than it does to buy one that is.

This of course begs the question about who’s going to pay for all this? The answer is – all of us.

People who currently do not have car payments – because they own whatever they’re driving – will get to make payments, in order to be allowed to continue driving.

People will spend time waiting to drive, for their EV to charge. As this column has noted previously, the “fastest” “fast” chargers take at least five times as long to partially charge an EV as it takes to fully fuel one that isn’t.

This assumes you’re first in line.

People will spend time at home – because it is not generally feasible to “fast” charge an EV there. It can be done, hypothetically, if the homeowner “invests” the $15,000-$30,000 in electrical panel upgrades to make it feasible. But that is not financially feasible for most homeowners. Instead, they’ll wait the 7-11 hours it takes to “Level II” charge their EV. For which they’ll pay a few hundred to a couple thousand bucks, to have an electrician install the necessary 240V hook-up in their garage.

This assumes they can afford a garage.

And we will all pay higher utility bills, due to the increased demand for power – which the powers-that-be are assuring will cost us all more by assuring there isn’t enough of it to meet the added demand they are imposing. It is likely that the average person’s monthly utility bill will double or triple by 2026 – the year Ford says it will stop losing money “selling” EVs.

There will be other forms of loss as well. Including of the jobs putting together cars – as opposed to battery powered devices. It takes less work – and so, fewer workers – to put together the latter, because these devices have fewer components. The chief ones being the battery and the motor, both of which are plug-in devices themselves. It takes more work to put together the parts that comprise an engine (as opposed to a motor) and there is no transmission (or drive axle) in a battery powered device, because the motors are typically mounted directly to the drive wheels.

Just drop the extruded plastic shell on the skate.

Ironically, this simpler layout has not offset the much higher cost of the batteries that power these devices, which is why you still pay about 30-50 percent more for a battery powered device than you’d otherwise pay for a similar car.

But it still costs the jobs of the workers who aren’t needed to put-together the battery powered device.

The United Auto Workers union has finally clued into this. But rather than oppose this forcing of battery powered devices on us, it demands what it styles a “just transition” to battery powered devices. By which is meant more of what has been used to force battery powered devices on us.

Subsidies – this time, for those who won’t be working to put together cars, having been rendered useless eaters by electric cars. It will be called some other, more palatable thing, of course. Just the same as the way people are “asked” to “have a “conversation” about “paying their fair share.”

UAW President Shaw Fain says – correctly – that the Biden Thing is “pouring billions into the electric vehicle transition, with no strings attached and no commitment to workers.” 

Italics added.

What Fain is saying – without saying it in plain, honest English – is that the same government that is forcing people to buy battery powered devices must also force people to absorb the peripheral costs, including the rendering of tens of thousands of autoworkers into useless eaters. Many of the soon-to-be-the-latter would have had ten or even 20 years of productive employment ahead of them. They now have Wal-Mart ahead of them. “Learn to code,” say those whose jobs pushing people out of jobs are secure – being government jobs.

Well, Fain wants to make sure his autoworker membership continues to get paid – even for not working. On account of their having been forced out of work. One feels sympathy for these workers, as it’s not their fault they’re being transitioned into useless eaters.

But rather than go after those who are responsible for this evil transition, Fain wants to make those who had nothing to do with it – and many of whom very much oppose it – pay for it. By being obliged to pay more taxes to fund more “benefits” for the people no longer working, or working less. And for less. Workers at battery assembly plants earn about half as much as workers who put together cars.

Fain styles this a “rush to the bottom.” He’s right.

And it’s one we’ll all be paying for, one way or another.

. . .

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