NO is the Only Vote That Matters

  • May 27, 2023

Voting, as the saying goes, is allowed because it doesn’t matter.

Not much, at any rate.

You might see someone elected who is more vaguely in line with your own views on some things than the alternative, but voting doesn’t give you – the individual – any real control over the end result.

Saying NO does.

A sufficiency of people may be realizing this.

Millions of people have said NO to Anheuser-Busch’s push to get them to buy into an agenda they find repellent. Behold the results. The woman responsible for the repellent agenda push got fired – something that almost never happens to someone who has been elected and can only be done with great difficulty via the ballot box – and the company’s hemorrhaging of money has caused it to pull the repellent thing off its products and so out of our line-of-sight.

Target has also tucked.

It’s tail, that is – in the face, once again, of millions of people saying NO to the repellent things Target put in the line-of-sight of children that targeted children and so appalls adults who will not abide such repellent things by saying NO to Target.

We’re not buying your ideology. So we’re not buying your products. Go Woke if you like. You may not like going broke.

Behold the power of NO.

It is a way to wield – in reverse – the power being used against us by the “stakeholders,” as they sometimes style themselves. Meaning the class of people that control the flow of capital (as distinct from mere money) and use it to make people say yes.

As in, yessa massa.

Perhaps not literally. But functionally, certainly. They do so via such tools as buying seats on corporate boards and then using their say to make the corporation a tool of their ideology. You have no doubt heard by now about ESG (Equity, Social and Governance)  which elaborates as DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) “policies” at these corporations that further this ideology.

The “message,” as it is styled.

It’s why you see what they want you to buy – which is much more than the product. The latter has in fact become incidental. But not if you say NO to it. That is everything, if enough people would only say it.

If they had said it – to the airlines – after airports became training gulags that treated everyone as a presumptive “terrorist,” the training gulags could not have lasted six months. As has happened to Bud Light, the bleeding would have seen to that.

Imagine that.

Had millions said NO to being fondled and scanned in order to fly, no one who wanted to fly today would have to submit to being fondled and scanned. To watching their kids and wives get fondled, scanned and trained – so that they’re used to Gulag Life. And – as regards the kids – unaware that a different kind of life once obtained. If enough had said NO 22 years ago, that kind of life would would still be our life today.

Remember Face Diapers? How could anyone forget? Especially since not enough people said NO to them. Because enough did not, the pressure to put one on was greater – and the mass psychosis lasted longer. It has yet to fully abate. There are still people “masking” – including many of the doctors who proved themselves unable to say NO to orders, as promulgated by bureaucrats.

They “masked” – and insist you do, too.

We ought to say NO to them, too. Say it to their faces. Tell them you won’t – because it’s absurd. If they say you must, walk out the door. If enough of us say NO to them, they will eventually have to say ok, to us.

If only enough of us had said NO, at first, it would have been much easier to say NO to what came next. The “vaccines,” that is. Those drugs that were neither “safe” nor “effective” but were pushed as necessary on people who had failed to say NO to “masks” that weren’t necessary, either. However, having acceded to “masking” – and thereby affirmed the “necessity” of it – it was harder to say NO to the drugs that aren’t vaccines. Because if “masks” are necessary then certainly so are “vaccines.”

That is all past now, hopefully.

The basis for hope being that, at last, enough of us have finally come to understand the power of NO – and are ready, willing and able to use it.

That’s how we vote our way out of this.

. . .

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