No More Right on Red?

  • January 22, 2024

A Leftist Car Hater (I repeat myself) who “writes” for CNN wrote the following, recently:

In America, traveling through red lights on right turns has become a rule of the road. Frequently, you get honked at if you don’t speed through fast enough.” 

Traveling through red lights? That would be running the light – and through the intersection. And “speed through”? What the CNN “writer” meant, of course, was making a legal right on red, after having come to a stop to check whether it’s clear and so safe to do so.

He believes this ought to be made illegal.

Because, of course, he hates cars and wants to make driving them as tortuous as possible. He won’t say that, of course.

Instead he writes:

Right-on-red spread across the country in the 1970s in response to the Arab oil embargo against the United States and oil rationing. States introduced it as a gas-savings measure: The theory was that it would reduce idling at red lights.”

Italics added.

It’s not a theory. It’s a fact. And it’s interesting to point out that the same people who obsess over “saving gas” are indifferent to saving it when it doesn’t serve their purpose.

And how about those “emissions” of gas? How much more “carbon” (as these etymological shysters are training people to speak of carbon dioxide) would be “emitted” by conga lines of cars idling at red lights rather than not idling at red lights?

Well, there’s ASS for that!

You know – automatic stop/start “technology.” It shuts off the engine while you’re waiting for no good reason at a red light to make a safe right turn. Of course, the cost of time is never considered by these Leftist car haters. They want you waiting at red lights (and at not-so-fast chargers) because that’s the point. They want to make you hate driving, so that you’ll want to avoid it.

They don’t say this, of course. Instead, they say:

Right turns on red ‘introduce extra movements into the intersection,’ according to Eric Dumbaugh, a professor in the department of urban and regional planning at Florida Atlantic University who studies traffic safety. This leads to drivers crashing into pedestrians who see a green light and think it’s safe to cross, trucks hitting bikers because they can’t see bicyclists making a right turn, and rear-end collisions.”

Italics added.

“Urban planners” refers to people who plan to make driving in urban areas as onerous as possible. They use “traffic safety” in the same way their ideological bedfellows used “stop the spread,” which is to say as an excuse as well as a misdirection.

What is not-safe about a driver coming to a stop at a red light, looking to see whether the way is clear and making a right turn? Nothing, of course. The unsaid presumption is that drivers don’t stop (or look) and “speed through” the intersection. But if they do that, they’ve done something rather different than make a legal right-on-red, haven’t they? And there are laws for dealing with it, aren’t there? Just as there are laws for dealing with people who recklessly handle or criminally misuse firearms. But Leftist love guilt-by-association.

Because it’s worked so well for them.

An idiot shoots himself in the foot and everyone must be treated as a presumptive idiot. Not because they are. But in order to justify taking away their guns. Just the same, all drivers are to be presumed reckless incompetents because a few are. Not so as to prevent reckless incompetents from causing problems – which such people will continue to cause, irrespective of laws. Rather, to serve as the excuse to impose anti-driving impositions on competent drivers.

In order to make driving as miserable as possible.

The Leftist doesn’t say this, of course. Instead, he quotes another Leftist – Atlanta City Counciclman Jason Dozier, without (as per protocol) identifying him as the Leftist he is (just as Leftists never disclose the precise identity of the “youths” who gang-pillage stores).

Our proposed ban on turning at red lights aims to prioritize the well-being of pedestrians at intersections,” says the Leftist quoted by the Leftist, who “introduced a ban in parts of the city.” 

It’s a species of the same technique that sought to ban healthy people who dared show their faces from entering stores and other places of business during the event marketed as a “pandemic.” It has as much to do with protecting pedestrians as “masks” had to do with keeping granny from dying.

The CNN Leftist doesn’t even begin to address the real reason some drivers are running over pedestrians – which is that they’re not paying attention to their driving. Probably at least in part because they have been encouraged not to, by “advanced driver assistance technology” and the cell phone touchscreens built into the dashboards of new cars, which they have to turn their attention to (and so, turn it away from the road ahead) in order to operate the vehicle’s systems.

Nor that many pedestrians are also not paying attention and assume drivers will stop for them.

But calling all that out would not serve the car-and-driver hating purpose of “writers” like the CNN Leftist who thinks “traveling through red lights on right turns has become a rule of the road.”

And they ask me why I drink.

. . .

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