Nuclear Meltdown Underway. Brace for Nuclear Fallout.


Dearest friends and family,

I never imagined that I would ever in my life-time write an email with a subject line like this one. I am nearly in tears and at a loss for words, but it has to be written.,

It has been a most unimaginable 72 hours of changes both in the world, as well as the life of my family.

As you may now know, the nuclear core meltdown at the Japanese nuclear power plant is underway now in several reactors and soon going “Charnobyl”

As of this writing, these reports are not “officially” confirmed, as the Japanese Government is trying to do everything it can to suppress and “downplay” the information, there is just no way to evacuate half the country or deal with the mass panic.

There is a huge, huge, government press coverup of what is going on, however this is one too big to cover up:

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) said Saturday afternoon the explosion at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant could only have been caused by a meltdown of the reactor core. Something the Japanese are still spinning different stories about.

This is also being reported in the Washington Post.

The fact is, the nuclear core blew, big time, you can watch the video on YouTube. That’s not a “hydrogen explosion” as the Japanese government would like us to believe.

That explosion shown on the news is the nuclear reactor going KABOOM and spewing radioactivity into the atmosphere. This is very serious.

Don’t listen to the main-stream news, it’s a sewer of misinformation. Although this will probably hit mainstream eventually as this type of thing is very difficult to keep quiet for any more than a day.

This is truly a horrific, sad, and global disaster. It will affect everyone on this planet, and especially the surrounding regions of Japan, and the North West Canada & USA.


The big question is not “if”, but when the radioactive particles will hit the Jet stream of the upper atmosphere, when they do, then we may have acid radioactive rain within 2 weeks from now. The jet stream is basically an air conveyor belt that leads right to the west cost of Canada, straight from Japan, and down the west coast of North America.

I don’t take this lightly, the memory of nuclear fallout is in my own family. I was 2 years old when Charnobyl happened in Europe, we were almost 1000 miles away from the epicenter, and were still severely affected.

Many children died in Poland that year from the radiation. This time the situation is potentially much worse and there is a huge weather system which is set to deliver the damage right to our door-step.



Potassium iodide is an inexpensive, non-prescription drug which effectively prevents the thyroid glands from absorbing radioactive fallout. The primary danger from exposure to dangerous levels of atmospheric radiation is very rapid (and almost direct) absorption of radiation by the thyroid glands which can then distribute lethal doses throughout the body via the lymphatic system to all organs and systems.

Potassium iodide helps to prevent the initial absorption of radiation which, depending upon exposure levels, can kill or debilitate within a matter of hours or days.


It may take 10 or more days, maybe less, for the radioactivity to reach North America. The first effects of it in our area will be radioactive “dry” rain, which is extremely damaging to your body and will cause your body to absorb extremely damaging amounts of radiation which may result in early symptoms such as immune system problems, vomiting, hair loss.

If you have small children, or a baby, get them the hell out of there and keep them indoors. Don’t let this touch their skin, or your skin for that matter. Small children and babies are most vulnerable to radiation.

If you’re pregnant, and have the means to, get the hell out of the coast until you’re sure radiation levels here are safe.

Fetuses and Embryos are most affected by radiation, as it mutates the human genes. When this happened in Charnobyl, babies died, thousands of babies were born with 2 heads, 5 arms, 3 legs, etc. This is real scary stuff, it as happened before, and is now going to be happening again.


Japan was essentially destroyed this week, and wiped off the map as a world economy hub. It may never recover from the damage of today.

There will be huge economic changes, fuel and food shortages. As radiation begins to spread world-wide, expect more crop failures like we saw last year in Mexico, this year may like like nothing we have ever seen before.

Every economic “warning” that I have been rambling about for the past few months is now going to become reality as this adds to the domino effect.

If you haven’t stocked up on food yet, stock up now. If you haven’t started learning and educating about what’s “really” happening with the economic melt-down, do it now. Get into agriculture and start growing food, that’s my best suggestion.


This is a great guide on how to prepare your family for surviving times like this, I highly recommend you get it:

You can get it here:

I will be posting more updates and suggestions as the situation develops.

Well my friends, it is a very sad state of affairs, this is a very interesting time we live in.

What is most awkward is that the team and I were covering today’s events and researching right from our lab, as we were working on our free energy device, which is really the answer to these problems.

If we continue to rely on fossil fuels and nuclear power, we will destroy this planet, and there will be nothing left of it.

I could hardly look my 2-year old daughter in the eyes today. All she wants to do is jump on a trampoline, be happy, have air to breathe, and have clean healthy food to eat, and the world seems to be rapidly approaching a time when she may not even have these most basic necessities. This makes me so angry and sad.

Good luck to you wherever you are.

With Love,


PS. Hey its likely I’m wrong about all this… but at this point, I’m not taking any chances. Make up your mind, don’t listen to the mainstream news, and think for yourself. This is the best decision all of us can make.

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