One Last Ride, Just now

  • July 17, 2023

There is an episode of the original 1960s Star Trek Series that captures the feeling of driving the Black Ghost – one of the final and probably the ultimate expressions of the kinds of cars being forced off the market (and soon, probably, off the road) by people who use “carbon” the way the same people used the “virus” to instill fear and its corollary, obedience.

In the episode – Return to Tomorrow – the crew of the Enterprise discovers the disembodied consciousness of a man (what had been a man) name Sargon, along with his wife, contained within a sphere. These disembodied consciousnesses had spent thousands of years in a state of pure thought, unable to feel anything. They could only remember – those memories growing more distant with the passage of all those centuries.

The landing party arrives. Captain Kirk and a female member of the landing party agree to allow Sargon and his wife to temporarily occupy their bodies.

“I’d forgotten what it felt like, even to breathe again,” Sargon’s wife says – as she sees the world again. She looks for her husband, Sargon. “Here, in this body,” he says – smiling at her, a thing his consciousness could only remember doing.

“It has been so long. So very long,” she says.

This is how I felt taking the Ghost out one final time. I do not want to forget how it felt. How it sounded. How it looked. It is all etched in memory now – for that is all it will be, soon. The years and decades will pass. I will try to keep the memories alive, as Sargon and his wife tried.

And perhaps a day will come, years and decades from now, when I will be fortunate enough to relive those memories in a now that may never arrive.

But even if that turns out to be the case – even if that hoped-for distant “now” never comes –  those memories will survive for as long as I do.

For I will never forget them.

. . .

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