One Trucker’s Verdict

  • February 21, 2024

Whatever you think of the Orange Man, no thinking man can say the Orange Man deserves to pay the $355 million in “damages” handed down last week by an egregiously partisan judge in NY named Arthur Engoron, for not damaging anyone.

Engoron was out to get the Orange Man – just as NY Attorney General Letitia James promised would happen. How’s that for “impartial justice”?

Now something else is happening. Something the same “news” outlets – such as CNN – that UPPER CASE letter-covered every last accusation leveled against the former president and smacked lips almost audibly when Engoron’s foreordained punishment was handed down last week are ignoring.

The verdict of American truckers. 

It has been handed down by one, a man – a truck driver who styles himself Chicago Ray. After Engoron decreed the amount of the “damages” Trump “owes,” Chicago Ray publicly said he’d be protesting what Engoron and James did by steering clear of New York City.


No soup for you – per Seinfeld.

And maybe nothing else, either – since almost everything that’s in New York City was brought into the city from somewhere else.

Most of it by trucks.

Chicago Ray is just one a guy. One of many. One of millions. He – like millions of others – is disgusted by and angry about the way Trump is being hounded because he is Trump. What he putatively did being incidental. Everyone understands this. Everyone who isn’t a fool also understands that what they are doing to him is a kind of beta test of what they will do to us all, if we passively stand by and let them do it to him. If we are stupid enough to believe it will just be him.

It is the same thing that’s already been done to journalist Mark Steyn, who was recently hit with a million-dollar judgment by a court on behalf of “climate scientist” Michael Mann for comparing his work to that of the notorious pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. “Instead of molesting children,” Steyn wrote, “he has molested and tortured data in the service of politicized science that could have dire economic consequences for the nation and planet.”

Of a piece with the multi-million-dollar judgment awarded the woman whose feelings were hurt by Trump when he described her as a “whack job” for accusing him publicly – and without any proof – of sexual assault more than 30 years ago. The court decided she had been defamed. Not Trump – as by her having publicly accused him of sexual assault, an embarrassing claim, absent any proof supporting  her claim.

Chicago Ray has taken down his original post – perhaps under duress – but it doesn’t matter because he showed what even one man can do to worry the Engorons of the country. Their power depends very much on our passivity – and they know it better than many of us do. It is why they react so aggressively to any perceived affront to their authority, very much like the way a run-of-the-mill armed government worker will often go ballistic at the first sign of anything less than total, defeated submissiveness.

It is why Engoron, et al, have reacted they way they have toward the Orange Man. He is a lightning rod of opposition to their authority.

And it is that principle – rather than the man, per se – that must be taught a lesson. Trump is not lying when he says they are not after him but us. And that he just happens to be in the way. If you don’t think it’s so, consider the implications of this verdict alone. Trump “defrauded” no one – as no one was gypped of money or property nor even claimed to have been. No victim was produced by Engoron’s kangaroo court, in other words. Instead, a paperwork affront was concocted. Trump is “guilty” of having placed a higher value on his holdings than the government says they were worth. Ordinarily, people try to place the lowest possible value on their holdings – so as to minimize the taxes they’re forced to pay.

In Trump’s case, the allegation was he overvalued his holdings  to a lender. But the lender didn’t complain. The lender loaned the money it believed Trump could afford to repay. And made money on the transaction. It testified in Trump’s favor. It does not matter.

Because, of course, overstating the value of his holdings was not his crime.

His crime was not going away.

It is a crime he continues to commit, compounded the offense – in the eyes of the ideologue hysterics (Engoron is one) who regard Trump as an existential “threat to democracy,” by which of course they mean a threat to their unquestioned authority. These Leftists have no problem with authority – or authoritarianism – provided it is they who wield it and they who impose it.

They will not, of course, admit it.

But we can see it. And that is why Chicago Ray – who wasn’t famous until he (like Trump) challenged the authority of these Leftists – has become the newest bete noire of the authoritarian Left, just like Trump himself.

That is why “MAGA” is such a bete noire of the authoritarian Left. It is a coalescing consciousness of the power of resistance by individuals, whose power to say NO has always been the thing these authoritarians fear the most. It is why they were so vicious toward those who said NO to “masks” and to being injected with mRNA drugs masquerading as “vaccines.” It was fundamentally a test of obedience as much as intelligence. If the authoritarians had truly believed “masks” (and mRNA drugs) “worked” in the sense the mouthed, they would not have cared if MAGA deplorables said NO to them.

After all, those who said yes would be safe, right?

In fact, a NO showed the people who did say yes that “masks” and mRNA drugs did not “work,” thereby undermining the authority pushing them both. Similarly, Trump said NO to a number of things the authoritarian Left insists we all say yes to, including Green Communism – and thereby undermined the authorities pushing for the imposition of far worse than “masks” (and maybe even mRNA drugs). Even if he has not followed through on many of his promises; even if he has done and said execrable things, he has still said NO to so many of the Left’s authoritarian shibboleths as to seriously alarm the authoritarians that such an attitude will spread and even cement.

That Americans may recover their senses and above all, sense the latent power they have always possessed but which has remained dormant for far too long.

The ecotomorphic authoritarian Engoron has done us a service by showing us what the Just Us system is all about. You don’t have to like Trump to hate what they are doing to him.

Because it could (and will) be done to any of us, too.

. . .

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