Orange Man and “Defamation”

  • January 27, 2024

Orange Man has been ordered to pay out more than $80 million to a woman who claims he “defamed” her – apparently by calling her a “whack job.” He did so in response to claims made by this woman that Orange Man sexually assaulted her back in the ’90s. There is apparently no proof this occurred. She said – and he said otherwise. Maybe so – and maybe not.

The point is, who knows?

Absent evidence (other than hearsay, which isn’t evidence) no one can say – which ought to be the point in a judicial proceeding. But this business is “judicial” in a legalistic sense only. Th same sense that Stalin’s show trails back on the ’30s had anything to do with determining whether the accused were guilty of the “crimes” they’d been charged with; their guilt was preordained. It was all for show. That was the point of the thing.

it is the same thing now. Orange Man is on trail because of who he is rather than what he (allegedly) did. If this were not so, why is the Biden Thing not even under indictment for what another woman claims – with at least as much credibility, incidentally – he did to her many years in the past? The answer is self-evident. The Biden Thing is not the Orange Man and the Biden Thing has not yet lost the support of the apparat – which includes the judicial system – and so does not have to worry about being indicted (much less convicted) of anything.

This is not a defense of the Orange Man, per se. It is an indictment of the judicial system, which is no longer any such thing and is therefore illegitimate.

A serious thing.

It has become obvious that what matters in judicial proceedings is no longer even a pretense of facts as regards the law, much less the impartial application of the law. The “law” is become whatever those who control the apparat assert it is. And they have the power to assert – and convict – in the absence of facts.

Maybe Orange Man did what the woman says he did. But if she cannot adduce facts in support of her allegations – and if these are it takes to convict the accused – then we live in a j’ accuse culture. The French usage being exactly apt because it’s a thing that defined the French Revolution, which was in fact a communist uprising. The slogan, “liberty, equality, fraternity” meant exactly what it meant to live in the German Democratic Republic – the former East Germany – where everyone except the part elite was equally bereft of any liberty.

All it took was an accusation by a Jacobin – that is to say, a French communist – that the accused was a secret royalist and it was off with his (or even her) head. There was “equality” in that respect.

And here we are again, almost.

Orange Man has said – and he is right – that if the American Jacobins (who are also communists) can do it to him they can do it to you. And are more likely to to do it, too – because you are not him (probably) and lack the resources he has to defend himself against j’accuse – which include his personal popularity. Orange Man’s j’accusers are probably hesitant to take it farther – for now – because is the Orange Man and what they do to him would be know to millions, who might get their backs up in his defense (as well as their own).

But if they succeed in show-trailing Orange Man into the chateau d’ If (from The Count of Monte Cristo) then you had better look out. There will be little, if anything, to prevent them from show-trialing us. Indeed, there will be no show at all. Just the perfunctory trial – at which our presumptive guilt will be confirmed.

That’s what on trial right now. Not the Orange Man.

. . .

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