Orange Opportunity

  • September 26, 2023

Many Democrats haven’t yet realized that they’ve been voting for Leftists – and so for their own ruin. As for example the unionized auto workers, now on strike, hoping to leverage more pay and benefits for themselves.

They would be better-advised to worry about their jobs – many of which will soon not exist, if the Left which they’ve been supporting succeeds in its pushing of “electrification.” When there is no work, there is no pay.

Forget about a pay raise.

Ask a steelworker who is working at Wal Mart now – for a third of what he was making – because his work was offshored to Chyna (say it with Orange emphasis).

“Electrification” will do the same – and already is. Chyna is where EV batteries/components are sourced – as in not made here. Chiefly because Leftists have made it too costly to make things here. And if they are made here, there is less work needed to make them. Battery assembly is largely automated and once a battery is assembled, there is little work to do. A machine lowers it onto the skate and a few connections are made. It doesn’t take many workers to make them.

“Electrification” will mean the evisceration of work in the auto industry, which will transition into thew appliance industry. How many good-paying union jobs are there assembling devices in this country?

Ask the workers in Chyna who oversee the machines that put them together.

Of course, it would be a losing battle to oppose “electrification” if there were a good (as in, natural) reason for it – as there was when motor vehicles replaced horses and buggies. Motor vehicles were an improvement over horses and buggies. They made it easier to go farther than most people had ever been able to travel on their own previously. And to travel wherever –  and whenever – they wanted to go. The car did not get tired after a 10 mile ride – as a horse did. It could keep on going all day – and be ready to go, the next day. It enabled people to live outside of town – by making it easy for them to get to town (and back) without it taking all day.

It was also easier to keep a car than a horse. You could leave a car in a shed untended for a week, in the winter. You could not do that with a horse – if you expected to find a living horse at the end of the week.

But that kind of natural replacement of something with something better isn’t what’s taking place right now. It is the reverse of that. Something worse is being forced in place of something better – and it is being done by Leftists (viz, Pete Buttigieg) who insolently claim it is better – just the same as they claimed those drugs so many were fooled (and pressured) into taking were “safe and effective” – in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Including that it is necessary to force this on people.

That ought to be a clue about just how much “better” it is.

It is also based on a deliberately fomented mass hysteria – about a “climate” that is (supposedly) in “crisis.” It is, of course, nonsense. One that can be dissipated rather easily by asking a hysteric to explain – to prove – that increasing the current 0.04 percent of the earth’s atmospheric gasses that is carbon dioxide by a fraction of a percent will trigger a “crisis.”

But – like the recent deliberately fomented mass hysteria about sickness – it has been very effective at getting people to accept what they would otherwise have refused.

Enter the Orange Opportunity.

Those UAW workers are barking up the wrong tree – and the former president could explain that to them. He could promise to protect their jobs by assuring they’ll be able to work – and not at Wal-Mart. There is plenty of well-paid work to do making cars that people want to buy. The trouble is that most of them aren’t electric. They are models like the Ford Maverick pick-up and the Bronco, which sell in huge numbers for big profits – as opposed to causing billions in losses, which have been incurred by the not-selling “electrified” Ford Lightning and Mustang (sic) Mach e, which is a “Mustang” like those drugs are “vaccines.”

Stelllantis workers had plenty of work to do making popular-with-buyers Chargers and Challengers – and Ram trucks, too. Trump could perhaps explain to them why that work is being taken away – and why they won’t be getting paid when there’s no longer much work for them to do because these popular and hot-selling models have been forced off the market to be replaced by battery-powered devices.

It’s a natural homer for Trump, who is more of a ’60s JFK Democrat than the “fascist” he’s asserted to be by the Left that has taken over the Democratic Party and turned it into the apotheosis – the textbook definition – of fascist, by erasing any meaningful distinction between government and corporate power. That – not goose-stepping – is what defines “fascism” and it’s been brought to you not by Pfizer buy by Leftists masquerading as Democrats.

If Trump could get that across to the auto workers, they might still have work three years from now.

And Trump might be president again in a year or so from now.

. . .

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