Pelosi: Pass ObamaCare THEN read it!

Like opening up a Cracker Jack box, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is now telling Americans that we’ll get to find out what is in ObamaCare AFTER it has passed!

The clock is ticking on Congress. President Obama has dictated there will be a vote by March 18th. Feeling the heat, Speaker Pelosi is now telling Americans to support the
passage of ObamaCare so that WE can find out what is in the bill!

Here is what Pelosi said about ObamaCare in an address to the National Association of Counties yesterday:  “…[W]e have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

This latest condescension toward the American people has raised the arrogance level of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi political machine to new heights. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible.

Both the House and Senate bills were crafted behind closed doors because their architects knew that when the American people understood the scope and breadth of this governmental takeover of our medical system, we would strongly reject them.

And we do reject them! The undeniable fact is that a growing majority of Americans oppose both Chambers’ versions.

++We dare not trust the ObamaCare “fix.”

The so-called “President’s Plan” is simply that – a plan.  It doesn’t even exist, legislatively speaking. It’s only a promise that they will “fix” the Senate bill once the House passes it.

But how can we trust the President and the ultraliberal legislators of the 111th Congress  to “fix” this trillion-dollar, tax-laden, anti-life bill when they have TOTALLY IGNORED the voices of the American people throughout this entire process?

That is precisely why wavering Democrats in the House are extremely reluctant to pass the Senate version. It is only on the administration’s and Harry Reid’s word that any “fixes” will take place.

Mr. President, we don’t trust you or the leadership of the 111th Congress.  That’s why we have been calling on you to abandon this unwise, unwanted
plan for months!

Speaker Pelosi, Americans are aware of what’s in ObamaCare and we don’t like it! Pass it…and we will bring a lawsuit! You and the members of the ultraliberal 111th Congress WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

++Meanwhile, President Obama is telling voters to push Congress!

Back on the campaign trail again, this Monday the President told about 1,800 carefully-chosen attendees at a whistle-stop meeting in suburban Philadelphia that it’s crucial voters contact Congress and make their voices heard.

I rarely agree with one of President Obama’s political rally speaking points, but he’s right about Congress needing to hear from Americans on ObamaCare. It’s the socialists’ problem that they won’t like what they’ll hear!

PLEASE, now more than ever, join (or, re-join) our intense Liberty Counsel FAX BARRAGE. Your faxes to Congress send a clear mandate. “NO TO OBAMACARE.”

Tell your own Senators and Representative that you do not support ObamaCare! We have sample fax letters that you can use.

If you prefer, we always encourage you to send your own faxes.
We have provided all the information you need to reach Senators here:

SECOND… Fax Key “Blue Dog” and Pro-Life members of the House.

We are specifically targeting potential congressional “swing votes” over the next few days. There must not be any doubt in those elected officials’ minds that their careers will not survive a vote for the “President’s Plan” or any other version of ObamaCare. Go here right now:

THIRD… Please call your two Senators and your Representative and tell them what you think about the President’s campaign tactics.

Here are those numbers:

Sen. Burr 202-224-3154

Sen. Hagan 202-224-6342

Rep. Jones 202-225-3415

++The President’s “double speak.”

Over the past few days, the President has been in full campaign mode utilizing all of the technologies and resources employed in his presidential campaign to rally his proven supporters for ObamaCare. Using scare tactics, citing heart-wrenching scenarios and vilifying insurance companies, the President’s
theatrical rhetoric is being staged in front of partisan crowds designed for one purpose: to give the impression that ObamaCare is popular!

We are all tired of the rhetoric and double-speak. We are all weary of this entire process to ram ObamaCare down our throats. I know that many of our
faithful supporters have already faxed your legislators…  perhaps many times by now.

But at a time when the President is calling for a “Virtual March on Washington” over the Internet, and fully going into “campaign mode,” we MUST be heard! Join our fax barrage and tell our lawmakers that THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Rep. Bart Stupak and 11 other Democrats indicated that they will not vote for the Senate-passed version because of language that permits the federal
government to “directly subsidize abortions.” Trust me, right now these legislators are being pressured, hounded and wooed to change their minds by pro-ObamaCare colleagues and pro-abortion groups.

Our FAX BARRAGE specifically targets key pro-life-leaning Democrats who need to hear from citizens right now. Tell them not to buckle or fall for empty promises. Support them in their bold stand for life!

We need thousands more pro-life, patriotic Americans to respond by sending a crystal clear message: “The abortion provisions in ObamaCare are unconscionable and are not to be tolerated!”

Obama vs. Bush: The Red Ink Showdown

Sign The Petition Today! “By the time I took office, we had a one-year deficit of over $1 trillion and projected deficits of $8 trillion over the next decade,” Obama said in his State of the Union speech.

“The Bush administration’s swing from surpluses to deficits added more debt in its eight years than all the previous administrations in the history of our republic combined,” David Axelrod, a senior strategist for Obama, wrote in The Washington Post.

The theme is clear. According to the Obama Administration deficits as far as the eye can see are the fault of one man: George W. Bush. They relentlessly push this message from the Obama White House. Let’s do a little fact checking.

First it is important to understand that an Administration only suggests a budget. Under our form of government, Congress is actually in charge of appropriating money. Hence, you have a mad scramble every two years, when committee assignments are passed out with Members of Congress elbowing each other to get a seat on the aptly named “Committee on Appropriations”.

So when Obama uses speeches to whine about the “fiscal disaster” he inherited from Bush, he should actually be complaining about the Democratic Congress run by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that appropriated and adopted the budget during the later years of the Bush term.

As the party that controlled Congress since January 2007, it is the Democrats that have held all the cards in the budget debate. They essentially wrote the budgets for FY 2008, FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. Oh, and if we need to remind him, Barack Obama served in these Democratic majorities, so he cannot feign ignorance of the process. Article Continues…

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