• October 27, 2023

I stopped posting videos on YouTube three years ago – because YouTube “demonetized” me. Meaning, they stopped paying me. I moved to Rumble. But still watched videos on YouTube, because one could watch the video without being forced to watch ads, first. I used AdBlocker to avoid the incessant pushy-peddlering of products and services I was not interested in learning more about.

That latter being almost as insufferable as the ads themselves.

Remember when ads didn’t pretend they were schooling you? The ad would conclude with: For more information . . .  .

Exactly. You’re selling something. If I’m interested, maybe more information would be of interest. But – stop it – with the “learn more” insipidity. One reads a book – or studies a subject – to learn things. You are not “learning” anything when you’re subjected to a product pitch.

And now, YouTube insists upon your “learning” things – before you’re allowed to watch videos, including the ones posted by ordinary people (i.e., non-commercial) that YouTube isn’t paying these “creators” – as YouTube styles them  – a cent. Or at least, not a whole one. Perhaps a fraction of one, according to a formula that is purposely opaque to “creators,” so as to leave the impression that maybe they’ll get paid for their creations. In fact, YouTube uses these “creators” – to get paid. By using them to purvey the peddler ads that make watching the videos unwatchable.

And that’s why I’ve stopped watching them.

The peddlering has become so aggressively ubiquitous as to be intolerable. The ads aren’t clever; they’re mostly all the same: Overly chirpy female or soy-looking Beta male reading a script designed to offend none of the usually offended groups, to the accompaniment of generically insipid acoustic guitar strumming background music. Few are clever and almost none are funny. They are merely annoying – and unwanted.

So, no more YouTube watching for me. It’s probably good for me – just as it’s been good for me to stop posting on Facebook and only post on Twitter teasers that led back to this site. I won’t de-platform or demonetize myself, after all.

And I won’t force you to endure pushy peddlers as the price of being allowed to read the articles here. (I Know there are some lingering pop-ups, but these can be closed and you can use Adblock on this site, without repercussions).

I understand people need to make a living. But we are dealing with corporations – and they are not people, though the courts (purchased by corporations) have ruled they are “people” in the legal sense and so have the “right” to “speak” – which translates in honest English as peddler. That is, assault you from every corner with advertising such that you feel the urge to smash every device that conduits them into your life.

It’s too bad, really. YouTube has a lot of interesting and often helpful stuff, most of both put there by ordinary people who aren’t making much, if any, money from it. They will suffer – and so will we – when more people like me tune out and watch something else.

Because we’re really not interested in “learning more.”

. . .

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