“Pro,” “IQ” and “Smart”

  • May 24, 2023

To understand what those who are destroying everything that once worked in this country mean when they say something, automatically translate it to mean its opposite.

In the context of cars, consider the use of terms such as “Pro” – to describe an electronic crutch for the inept. As for example Pro Park Assist, by which is meant an electronic system that parks the car for the person who is unable to. See also Pro Trailer Assist, which is for the person who lacks the skill to back up a truck with a trailer hitched to it.

In other words, for people who are as far from being Pros at doing the thing in question as Dylan Thomas is from being the thing he tries to look like he isn’t.

The same can be said of anything styled “IQ” – the latest, dumbest elaboration of “smart,” which first came into currency in the context of the phones that have enstupidated so many. What is smart about pecking at a screen and being tracked wherever you go by a device you’ve been trained to carry with you wherever you go?

By this standard, the East German Stasi was extremely “smart.”

You are presumed to have a low IQ by anything marketed using the latter acronym. As in, someone not smart enough to be able to do whatever it is without “assistance.”

This latter being perhaps the most invertedly offensive of the bunch.

Handicapped people require assistance. And there’s nothing wrong with providing – or offering – it.

To those who are handicapped.

Special bathroom stalls, for instance. And electro-mechanical lifting mechanisms for those unable to otherwise get into and out of a vehicle. Such assistance is just that. But it is insufferable and cloying to “assist” someone who doesn’t need it – and a degradation to impose it upon them.

This is why what is styled “driver assistance technology” – often also styled “Pro” and “smart” – is so hateful, to those who aren’t stupid and have learned baseline driving skills such as keeping the car in its travel lane and parking curbside. The two latter skills used to be expected of 16-year-olds attempting to acquire their license to drive. They were, once-upon-a-time, obliged to demonstrate that they had mastered them in order to pass the driving test that used to be the basis for issuing them a driver’s license. At one time, most new drivers had to learn to shift for themselves, too – because at one time, most (at one time, all) cars had manual transmissions – and if you couldn’t operate one, it wasn’t possible to drive, licensed or not.

As a result of this regime, pretty much anyone who had a valid driver’s license could drive – in terms of possessing baseline skills such as keeping the car in its travel and parking the thing curbside. And didn’t need “assistance.” Just the same as a child that has learned how to ride a bicycle no longer needs training wheels.

But the “driver’s license” is now just that – a permission slip to “drive” that says nothing about the holder’s ability to drive. Unlike a private pilot’s license, which you must demonstrate the ability to competently fly an airplane before you get it.

Instead, the license you get to drive is more like the ear tag worn by cattle in that its primary purpose is to identify the “driver” – who, in these latter days, increasingly does need “assistance,” never having learned how to drive and not being expected to do it competently. The former and latter latter serving as a kind of self-reinforcing feedback loop. The “driver” who isn’t expected to learn how to park a car curbside or keep the car within its travel lane learns to depend on “assistance technology,” such as Lane Keep Assist, to keep the car in its travel lane – and isn’t motivated to learn how to do that on his own, without “assistance.”

And so, he doesn’t.

He thus needs “assistance” – and more and more of it.

Including “assistance” to not forget his kids in the backseat, after the car has parked itself.

Before you know it, he doesn’t need to drive, at all.

This is the probable, deliberate end-goal of all this “assistance.” That is, to dumb-down “drivers” to such a degree that most will not object – will welcome – a car that drives itself. Will need one, ultimately – the driving part being as beyond their capabilities as preparing a meal – as opposed to tossing a frozen burrito in the microwave. When the microwave isn’t working because the power went out, such people starve.

It is part and parcel of a general trend toward learned helplessness, with the inevitable result being a society in which the handicapped outnumber the able, who find themselves an oddball minority of people oppressed by the almost-drooling imbecility of the former – whose incapacity has been normalized, by people who understand the true meaning of “Pro” and “smart” and “assistance technology.”

. . .

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