PROBLEM: USURY Has Enslaved Humanity

Pastors and peace activists explain how the Bible forbids usury. God, Moses, Joshua, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha each forbid usury and enforced that law on earth.

Sadly, modern man has forgotten God’s requirement. Thus, we face usurpation, war, poverty, police state, corruption, disease, division and hate. ~ Wayne Walton

Concentrated Power and Consequences – Report
This analysis of concentrated power is sometimes challenged as a “conspiracy theory” (a term coined in the 20th century by the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA to discredit those challenging official narratives). There is unlikely to be a master blueprint for world domination although ample documentary evidence exists of such ambitions, eg. The Project for the New American Century (to achieve US military dominance) written in the mid 1990s and a statement from Bilderberger David Rockefeller acknowledging his ambition for a one world government.

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