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    Alternative To Dentists


    Your teeth have a system for healing themselves. Just as your body knows how to heal a cut . . . . . . Your body ALSO knows how to heal your teeth! And just like you support the healing of wounds you can see, like cuts and scrapes, you can also SPEED & SUPPORT…

  • Heavenly Herbals

  • Just Nutritive

    If you’re using skin care products that are too harsh, you can adjust your routine by skipping, for example, abrasive scrubs, strong acids, and soaps with sulfates all filled with harsh chemicals.  Try switching to these gentle, replenishing, and moisturizing solutions so you don’t upset your skin barrier again!

  • Signalproof EMF Protective Clothing

    Protect yourself with top-class EMF blocking apparel. Blocks over 99% of electromagnetic radiation (EMF).