Proof: Rand Paul Is Controlled Opposition

Think about it before you jump on the Randwagon, you have been warned…

Published on Feb 13, 2014
(Truthstream Rand Paul’s quiet backing to the tune of millions by Machiavellian operative Karl Rove and his public association with George P. Bush and other establishment GOP figures make it all too clear that the grassroots liberty movement generated to support Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns was just fodder for the co-opted rise of Rand Paul. Under this emerging vision of the GOP future, tea party supporters and those who’ve rejected the two-party system are just other demographics to pander to and usher into the voting booths alongside Hispanics, women and the Religious Right.

Rand Paul to Obama: “Prioritize” Passage of Trans-Pacific Partnership
While the TPP grants corporate giants such as Walmart and Monsanto the power to bypass Congress and the courts, the elected representatives of the American people are kept from even seeing the draft version of the agreement. As with the multitude of similar trade pacts the United States has formed, the ultimate aim of the TPP is the creation of a regional super government, thus the stonewalling of federal lawmakers who dare seek to assert some sort of oversight.

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Rand Paul: My Foreign Policy Is In Line with George Bush the First
Rand has either forgotten that GW, the first, invaded Panama and Iraq or he has gone total neocon. Anyone who has not seen the documentary The Panama Deception should do so, to understand the horrific nature of the U.S. invasion of Panama.

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