• May 17, 2024

The Biden Thing revealed the truth about both the pushing of battery powered vehicles and the putative reason for the pushing of them the other day – when he mumble-barked the other day that he would impose a “100 percent” tariff on battery powered devices made in China (as well as a heavy tariff on batteries made in China).

Consider the implications.

We are told – we are harangued – that there is a looming “climate crisis” of apocalyptic scope that is headed our way on account of a fractional, almost unmeasurable increase in the fraction of the Earth’s naturally-existing CO2 (about 0.04 percent) and that it is absolutely necessary to reduce the fraction of a fraction generated by the driving of cars with engines by getting rid of cars with engines. These must be urgently replaced by “zero emissions” (of C02) at the tailpipe battery powered vehicles.


Because it’s a “crisis.”

Well, if it is, then why would those pushing this narrative – and pushing battery powered vehicles by pushing those that aren’t out of production – not want to encourage the distribution of inexpensive battery powered vehicles that most people could afford and never mind whether they were made in China?

If you are on a ship that is sinking, does it matter who made the lifeboats?

Of course, the “ship” is not sinking and the pushers of battery powered vehicles know that. They have just told us they know it. There is no other explanation for it. Well, there is one – but it beggars belief. It is that they are so unintelligent as to be able to believe, on the one hand, that there is a looming crisis and they know the cause of it and – at the same time – are unwilling to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent it.

Put another way, they are willing to drown rather than make use of the lifeboats because the latter are made by people they don’t like and they would rather they be made by people they do like.

Unionized people, in the case of the battery powered devices they insist are the “lifeboats” that will prevent us all from drowning (literally; they insist the seas are rising on account of fractional, almost unmeasurable increases in the volume of atmospheric CO2).  The Biden Thing mumble-barked about the “steps” (read: decrees being hurled) he was taking to make sure low-cost Chinese electric vehicles become much-higher-cost electric vehicles, so as assure fewer Americans will be able to afford them. So as to assure “union jobs” making electric vehicles Americans can’t afford will be sheltered from competition with China-made low-cost EVs.

Because there’s a “crisis,” you see.

It is one so alarming and imminent that everything must be done to make sure the American market is not flooded with low-cost electric vehicles. This tell you everything about the putative “crisis.”

It also ought to tell you something else.

Those pushing expensive EVs that most Americans cannot afford are doing it for a reason:

Most Americans can’t afford them.

This will price most Americans out of driving and that is the reason for both the excuse – that there is a “climate crisis” – and the pretended solution, the pushing of battery powered vehicles. It explains everything, especially things that otherwise make no sense because they are either stupid or at cross purposes.

It is stupid, for one, to push battery powered vehicles that emphasize power and performance, which is not only wasteful of resources and extra-productive of the very “emissions” the people pushing them say must be reduced to nil or as close to nil as feasible.

It is extremely expensive.

And so extremely limiting.

The entry-price point of the EVs that Americans can buy is nearly $50,000 and it’s actually much higher than that because the latter (and often-quoted) average price of a device does not include the optional “long range” battery without which these devices are very short-leashed. Which isn’t itself a problem for the same reason it’s not a problem that most motorcycles can only go about 200 miles or so on a full tank. Which isn’t a problem – for motorcycles – because the tank can be refilled in about two minutes (the time it takes to pump about 3 gallons of gas, which is about what a typical motorcycle’s tank holds).

But a short-ranged device takes much longer to recharge and when it can only go 200 or so miles on a charge, the waits are more frequent as well as long. Instead of having to wait for half an hour or more once a week, it might be twice a week. It makes long-range driving take much longer. So most people will spend several thousand dollars more for the optional “long range” battery that decreases the number of times they have to stop – and wait.

But most Americans can’t afford that.

Which is exactly what those pushing these devices know and want to protect – by keeping low-cost Chinese made EVs out or by making them as or more expensive than American-made EVs. Putatively-politically, this greases the palms of the unions that are a key support of those pushing the devices, but that is not, fundamentally, the reason for making sure low-cost EVs from China are kept out of the hands of Americans.

Just as the putative “climate crisis” is not the reason for the pushing of devices on Americans.

. . .

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