• July 24, 2023

PTSD’d people will put up with anything. They will even demand to put up with it. They will also demand that everyone else be made to put up with it, too.

That is the point of PTSd’ing people.

Ask any cult leader.

Ask the leaders of the Climate Cult.

They have badgered, berated and bullied millions of people – especially children – that there is “crisis” looming that cannot be seen or quantified.

Good luck getting anyone to specifically define what is meant by the “climate”  in a way that can be objectively weighed and measured so as to determine what exactly is being talked about. The “crisis” must be feared and regarded as imminent – with belligerent, End Times certainty. This fever pitch hysteria is necessary in order to get the emotionally wrecked victims of this psychological assault to willingly embrace the necessity of an ever-lesser standard of living, until – inexorably, because logically – almost everyone must be forced to accept and even be happy about living a meager, subsistence-level kind-of-life.

No meat, for the masses – except perhaps occasionally. As it was for the urban poor (and the poor generally) in the days before average people could afford to eat meat almost as often as they liked.

No private homes.

And of course, no cars.

Well, no cars for the average person. It is necessary that everyone except the rich give them up, along with private homes and steaks for supper.

The inversion is incredible.

A century ago, the political Left – socialists and communists – railed against the machinations of the so-called “Robber Barons,” those 19th and early 20th century titans of finance and industry whose “greed” was said to be enserfing the average person. In fact, the Robber Barons elevated the lot of the average person such that most had plenty to eat, owned a car and could own their own home, too.

This became known as the American Way.

The Robber Barons wanted to make money, of course. But in order to make it, it was necessary – in those days – to produce something of value to lots of people willing and able to pay for it. Oil, for instance – as in the case of John D. Rockefeller. And steel (Carnegie). Or transportation – as in the case of the railroad magnates, such as Vanderbilt. “The public be damned,” he once supposedly said. But no matter how he felt about the public, his railroads got them places – because they had to.

If the public didn’t pay – because they couldn’t afford to – he didn’t get rich.

Henry Ford understood this perfectly. He knew there was much more money in selling millions of cars than selling a few cars to millionaires. Ford and the others elevated the average person’s affluence and ease to such a degree of generality that, over time, this affluence and ease got to be taken for granted, as if such ease and affluence had always existed and always would.

The Left – which depends on immiseration – knows that general affluence and ease must be done away with, in order to generate political support for the Left. But how to do this when most people like not being poor? When general affluence is the norm. When nearly everyone has plenty to eat (including meat) likes being able to drive and wants a home of their own?

That’s easy.

Tell them there is a “crisis” afoot and that something must be done right now to stave it off. There is no time to think. It is time to act! Of course, what they mean is that it is time to obey. But it is essential to get people to agree to obey because forcing them to obey engenders resentment and – this is key – it raises questions. Better that they not be asked – and what better way to do that than to make the asking a moral affront?

The person who asks isn’t merely a questioner. He is a denier. The use of that term is no accident. It is done for the same reasons people are told they’re haters if they raise questions about how it’s possible for a person of one sex to transition into the opposite sex.

The point being to impugn the morality of the questioner. To turn their questioning into evidence of cretinhood (and, by flipping this around, to establish the unquestionable sainthood of those outraged by those who raise who dare to ask questions).

This is how it worked in the Dark Ages – when to question anything was by definition dangerous heresy, a manifestation of evil. It is how the Christian Church – the organized, state-colluding Christian Church – was able to get the mass of people to accept their immiseration (and the rulership of church and state) as the “will of God” and not to be questioned.

It is how cult leaders get cult followers to willingly eat poison-laced Jell-O and “shed their containers,” so as to “ascend to the next level.”

It is how millions of people were manipulated into willingly wearing “masks” – and screamed abuse at those who questioned the wearing.

People who have lost their minds have minds that are much easier to control. And once controlled, they can be used to control others. It is why making people feel ashamed and guilty about eating meat, having a home – and a car – is so very necessary, in order to get them to willingly accept giving those things up as their moral duty.

And to insist that others give them up, too.

. . .

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