“Public Acceptance”

  • March 7, 2024

It’s not just the presidential selection that’s coming up this November. Right around the same time that the country will be forced to choose between Orange Man and Senile Man – none of the above never being allowed in “our democracy” – the “rule” forcing what has been marketed to the public as anti-“drunk driving technology” will be “finalized” by the federal regulatory apparat.

All of the foregoing bracketed in air-fingers quote marks to mark the oleaginous verbiage of the authoritarians who use it to obscure what they actually mean.

And intend.

The “rule” – it sounds so innocuous – is in fact a mandate that will be enforced. “Finalized” means the details of what will be imposed, with force ensuring compliance. All of this decided by a cohort of burrowed-in bureaucrats no one ever voted for in “our democracy.”

As for “drunk driving”:

The term is used interchangeably with “impaired” driving – the latter term encompassing all kinds of driving that has nothing to do with whether you’ve been drinking. It encompasses driving contrary to the rules – which they intend to equate with “impairment” – thereby draping moral opprobrium over the shoulders of any driver who deviates in any way from the rules. Such a driver is the equivalent of “drunk,” you see.

Or rather, you see how it goes.

All part of the campaign to garner public acceptance of the “technology” that will be means by which the “rule” is to be enforced, come the 2026 model year.

So sayeth the Alliance for Automotive Innovation – which is the lobbying arm of the car industry that is now an adjunct of the industry of government.

Highlighting the necessity of consumer awareness and buy-in, the Alliance stressed that merely having advanced detection technology in vehicles is insufficient without accompanying education and acceptance among consumers,” according to the trade publication, Automotive News.

Fundamentally, for the technology to be a success, the public will first need to accept the idea and ultimately the devices.” 

The “necessity of consumer awareness”? Meaning, browbeating consumers into acceptance. Of a piece with the way “consumers” – a disgusting term that has oilily supplanted customers – were browbeaten into “buckling up” for “safety.” The “buckling up” being less about “safety” than advancing the principle (and setting the precedent) that we are idiot children in need of parenting.

“Consumers” are to be made “aware” that driving without the “assistance” of “technology” is “unsafe.” And that to drive faster than the speed limit, or to accelerate (or brake) other than tepidly or to fail to use a turn signal for at least one full minute before changing lanes (a slight exaggeration, but only slightly) constitutes the equivalent of “impaired” driving. Which must be regarded as the same as “drunk” driving – no matter that you haven’t had so much as a sip of anything alcoholic to drink.

The Automotive News piece confesses the fact while soft-shoeing it:

NHTSA’s current focus involves gathering input from various stakeholders to establish performance standards for the technology. While the specifics are yet to be determined, potential implementations could include a combination of sensors and cameras capable of detecting driver intoxication. Although the primary emphasis is on alcohol impairment, considerations for addressing drowsy and distracted driving are also on the table.

Mark all the (added) italics.

Who are these “various stakeholders”? Well, they certainly aren’t consumers. The latter being merely hogs at the trough who must accept what they are (force) fed.

As is natural for “consumers.”

Customers, on the other hand, would have a say in the matter. For just that reason, there are none such anymore. Or – rather – the system has decided their say no longer matters. It is the “stakeholders” who matter. They are the regulatory apparatchiks and the car industry apparatchiks, who now work together in their own interests. Those of the consumer being of little to no interest to these “stakeholders.”

Considerations for addressing drowsy and distracted driving are also on the table.”

Isn’t it wonderful that our “stakeholder” owners are “considering” such things? It hardly raises eyebrows. It is taken blandly, as a given. The natural order of things. This says a great deal about just how far things have gone in an extremely wrong direction. Unless, of course, one takes the position that institutionalized busybody-ism is a right thing. And there are, unfortunately, many people who take exactly that position.

Many of them being “stakeholders.”

Automotive News continues:

The Alliance, representing major automotive manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, and Toyota, underscores the necessity of a comprehensive consumer education campaign alongside the impending rulemaking. They stress that misconceptions about the technology could hinder its effectiveness and acceptance among the public.”

You know, like the “education campaign” that attended the pushing of mRNA drugs on people who were (rightly, as it turned out) hesitant to be injected with them.

Misconceptions about the technology could hinder its effectiveness and acceptance among the public.” By which is meant the truth – as well as the implications. 

Never mind.

Our “stakeholders” are just looking out for us “consumers.”

. . .

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