Rain Alert! Snow Lockdown!

  • December 24, 2023

A point is likely to come when we’re not allowed to drive because it’s raining outside. Forget snow.

It is the natural evolution of safetyism as applied to driving.

After all, if it saves even one life. . .

It probably would.

There are more accidents when it rains – or snows – because there is less traction and visibility. More accurately, there are more “accidents” when it rains or snows because some people’s ability to maintain control of their vehicle is reduced by adverse conditions they lack the skill/judgment to compensate adequately for. They don’t increase their following distance between their car and the one ahead, to allow for more time/space to stop when traction/visibility are reduced.

They have not learned to apply braking force progressively rather than abruptly and to steer without jerking the steering wheel, so as to avoid upsetting the vehicle’s stability in reduced traction situations.

A large and growing percentage of drivers have never learned how to countersteer or use the brakes (or throttle) to keep a car under control when it begins to slip and slide, on account of low traction. Chiefly because such skills are no longer taught while passivity behind the wheel is. It is implicit in the array of “advanced driver assistance technology” bundled into all new cars. The assumption is the driver requires “assistance” to perform such demanding maneuvers as keeping the vehicle within its travel lane – and noticing in time that it is time to apply the brakes because there is an object ahead that will otherwise be run into.

People were better able to cope with such demanding tasks as keeping their vehicle within its travel lane and applying the brakes in time when people were expected to be competent to perform those tasks without “assistance.”

Now that they no longer are, they need the “assistance” – creating a need for more of it. Kind of like how those who took the drugs that didn’t prevent them from getting sick now need to take them again (and again, ad infinitum) per the counsel of the people who pushed the drugs on them in the first place.

It will inevitably get to the point that a large percentage of the people who sit behind the wheel of cars cannot drive without “assistance” when it isn’t raining or snowing.

Just as people’s whose immune systems have been wrecked by the drugs they took are no longer able to keep from getting sick without the “assistance” of more drugs.

Well, what happens when inclement weather renders such “assistance” inoperative?

Snow and ice becloud the camera lenses that “see” what’s ahead (and behind and on either side) of the car. When these cameras can’t see – because there’s ice and snow on the lens – or can’t see much and not very far because of heavy rain/fog – then the “assistance” goes the way of a folded up wheelchair. If the person who depended on it cannot walk unaided, he won’t. Just the same, people who cannot drive without “assistance” will be unable to – except the car will keep driving. In the manner of an airplane without anyone manning the controls who is competent to control the airplane.

Maybe the failsafe will be that when the “assistance” does not work, the car will not work. This will present problems, though. Weather can be unpredictable. It might not have been raining or snowing in the morning when people drove to work – or to the store. But later that day, the weather changed – and now it is raining and snowing. This will inevitably happen when people are still in the middle of driving.

The safest course – obviously – is to forbid everyone to drive when it might rain (or snow). Because if it saves even one life. 

And we’re all in this together.

Consider that it’s already been done – in that the precedent for it has already been established and has yet to be repudiated. All of us (well, excepting the “essentials,” who had the power to declare themselves such) were not allowed out – in cars or otherwise – when (so they said) there was a dangerous bug about that might cause some people to get seriously sick. It did not matter that those “at risk” were not most people. The justification for “locking down” almost all people – the “essentials” excepted – was that some people were “vulnerable” and for that reason everyone must accept being “locked down” to  protect the “vulnerable.”

Just the same, it won’t matter that you don’t need “assistance” to drive when it rains or snows. The justification for locking us all down will be that there are those who do   .  . . and we are all in this together.

In my area of SW Virginia, beta testing has been under way for years. I live near the Blue Ridge Parkway and it is regularly locked down (the entry gates are closed) when it might snow. How long before the gates come down when it might rain?

After all, it might save a life – and who are we to put others at risk?

. . .

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