REAL People in the Area Reveal What’s Really Happening in East Palestine Ohio

Local Resident: East Palestine VOC Test Results Expose Media Fear-Mongering and Land Grab Trickery

Netflix Made a 2022 Movie in Ohio About a Toxic Train Wreck – It Has Now Become Reality

It’s interesting that the town that has seemingly been made uninhabitable is named Palestine, as explosions and toxic bombardment are common occurrences in the Middle Eastern Palestine.

What is even more bizarre, though, is that there was a 2022 Netflix film “White Noise” that was filmed in Ohio, and even had a lot of East Palestine residents as extras, and the plot is pretty much exactly what has happened.

If I was in charge of US intelligence services, I would be immediately interrogating jewish director Noah Baumbach and investigating any connections he might have to groups like the KGB and Mossad. Unfortunately, this will not be happening anytime soon, as our country has been completely corrupted from within.

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