Reluctant Revolutionaries

  • February 22, 2024

If you haven’t looked into it, you might believe the majority of colonists living in what was then British North America – aka, the colonies – favored separation from Great Britain. In fact, it was a minority who did and it was their chore to persuade the reluctant majority – these were called Tories – to support the effort.

If you read the private correspondence of some of the men who were trying to make the case for separation, you’ll find out all about their frustrations trying to get their fellows to see that separation was the only way to achieve independence.

Of course, independence is not generally a popular thing, then or now. Most people seem to prefer to stick with what they know rather than try something new, even when what they are sticking with is sticking it to them.

Twitter, for instance. It has been rebranded, of course. But it is still the same old Twitter. By which I mean it operates on the same speech-suppressing model. I can personally attest to this because I have a large enough audience to notice when what I say – specifically, what I write – is being hidden from view.

That’s the trick, by the way.

Twitter/X does not generally openly prevent you from attempting to post something, such as a Wrongthinkful observation about this strange business of any questioning of the the policies of the government of Israel as being “anti-Semitic.” What happens is your observation is shunted into a kind of time-out room where no one else sees it. The genius of this being it makes the person who made the observation think he made it, as opposed to letting him know – as via not allowing him to “publish” (in air fingers quotes for the obvious reason) it that he didn’t. He is thus kept pacified, believing his “voice” is being heard when in fact he’s talking to the wall.

Now, as frustrating as that is, what’s defeating is that so many people know it and yet continue to cling to the leg of Twitter – so to speak – not unlike Stalin’s chicken. If you don’t know that story, here it is in brief:

Stalin was asked how he managed to retain the support of the average Soviet peon. It wasn’t put that way, of course – but that’s what the questioner meant to ask. Anyhow, Stalin showed how – by fiercely plucking a chicken until the bird was featherless and shivering at his feet. He then offered the bird some scratch corn he had in his pocket and the grateful bird pecked at the leavings by Stalin’s boots.

There are many such “chickens” still “Tweeting” – which is an apt term, since it’s exactly what little birdies do.

Caged birdies.

Birdies who refuse to leave their cage, to be precise. The door’s open, but the birdies would rather stay – and continue Tweeting. Even if no one’s seeing. Even though they know what they’re allowed to see – and say – is strictly monitored by the “free speech” controllers thereof who run Twitter/X.

They won’t fly away to a place where there is free speech – such as Brighteon, for instance – because (apparently) it’s just too much trouble. Or perhaps because they think it’s “free speech” because Elon Musk said it was.

This is truly spectacular in view of what Elon Musk does.

Musk is the greatest grifter this country has ever been milked by – at least insofar as his not being a politician. Biden’s grift is small potatoes in contrast; mere millions – milked from the public teat (and under the table, from shall we say interested parties) over the course of 50 years of “public service.” The service part being accurate in the sense that Biden has been serviced by an unwilling population.

Musk is smarter than that. He uses grifters like Biden to amplify his own grift. This being both much more remunerative as well as making it more plausible for him to posture as a capitalist. It is the grifter iteration of styling mRNA drugs vaccines. It being useful to present these things as that which they aren’t, because of the positive associations. Of a piece with “asking” people to “pay their fair share.”

Musk is now the hero of the de-feathered, shivering birdies of the right, who thank him effusively for rebranding Twitter as X. And for the “free speech” crumbs he spreads at his feet.

And they ask me why I drink.

. . .

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