Res Ipsa Loquitur

  • September 16, 2023

It speaks for itself.

The phrase came to mind yesterday as I was serially responding to a commenter who identified himself as “law enforcement” but who would not actually identify himself. Perhaps because of the serial abuse this person hurled at myself and others here for having the effrontery to publicly criticize another cop who drove with criminally negligent recklessness – 74 MPH in a 25 MPH zone – and ran over (and killed) a young woman who had the bad luck to be trying to walk across the street when she was run over by the speeding cop.

I am a “shithead” for expressing disgust about this – and for daring to point out the fact that criminally reckless and even outright homicidal cops (vizPhillip Brailsford, the cop who shot Daniel Shaver dead while the latter was begging not to be and posed no threat to anybody) are rarely immediately arrested and languidly – if ever – criminally prosecuted.

I also noted the fact that no cop is forced to do evil things – as for example seize people’s money just because they have it on them (i.e., “civil asset forfeiture”) and could choose not to do such things. I expressed my opinion that choosing to do evil things is evil. And that it’s not a get-out-of-jail card (or ought not to be) to say, I was only following orders. Or if you don’t like the laws, change them.

As if that weren’t entirely beside the point.

And I pointed out that it’s telling – it ought to be a warning – that so many honest people who aren’t criminals regard cops as a threat and even as criminals, themselves – because of their unquestioning willingness (their eagerness) to enforce any law, merely because it’s “the law.”

No matter who gets hurt.

Well, so long as it isn’t a cop. Then it is a case of a “fallen hero” – and us “civilians” had better show suitable sorrow.

I had hoped to have a reasonable back-and-forth with this online cop, who initially identified himself as BlueShield (with “enforcer” as his email). But instead of a civil discussion about the facts of this particular case, I got lashed for mentioning them at all. And I got a serial lecture about my obligation to defer to the law and those who enforce it. Anything shy of that and I am a “shithead.”

I thought this spoke a lot for itself.

It told us what this cop – if it isn’t a bot – thinks about us “civilians.” And it gives us a window into why such cops treat us “civilians” the way they often do.

When I’d finally had enough of BS, I asked him to tone down the profanity-laced abuse. When he did not do so, I used the site’s monitoring tools to prevent his profanity-laced abuse from being visible unless I approved it. Control freak authoritarians do not like being controlled – even when it is nothing like the control exercised by control freak authoritarians with badges and guns and the weight of the state behind them.

So – rather than be civil and at least try to debate the facts and points made in the article and subsequent comments, BS changed his name to another made-up name  (“Trashtalker”) and continued to post abuse.

Or at least, he tried to.

I think it speaks for itself, don’t you?

. . .

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