RFK, Jr. Blasts Public Health Agencies For Endorsing Mass Lockdowns

  • July 31, 2023
As TN declared in early 2019, Technocracy’s coup d’état started with the release of COVID-19. It was a complex and vicious attack on human liberty all over the world. Thus far, the only U.S. presidential candidate who has launched a counter-attack is RFK, Jr. No other candidate, including Donald Trump, has spoken so forcefully against the pincers of globalization: the biosecurity state and rampant censorship.⁃ TN Editor

Speaking during a townhall style interview Tuesday, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr slammed public heath agencies for going along with the government in implementing mass lockdowns during the COVID pandemic.

RFK Jr told the crowd that the actions were completely antithetical to the established course of action that should be taken during such an event.

“What they were doing violated all of the orthodoxy,” Kennedy noted, adding “We’ve had the WHO, CDC, the DHS, and all the three-letter agencies have thought about pandemics for a hundred years. And they’ve worked on very, very carefully on pandemic preparedness protocols. And all of those protocols said you never lock down a population.”

“You cannot stop a respiratory virus with lockdowns. You’re going to actually amplify it, because they spread indoors,” Kennedy continued, citing historic medical papers that long ago criticized lockdown measures as a means of mitigating the spread of viruses.

“And what all the orthodox protocols said is that you quarantine the sick, you protect the vulnerable, and then you let the population continue. Because, when you shut down businesses, that kills people. Unemployment kills people,” RFK Jr. further urged.

Kennedy also vowed to stop government agencies from being weaponised against political opponents:

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