Richard Gilbert: Write-in Lawsuit 2012

I believe that we have a legitimate case of inequality based on the fact that every state has a different law regarding being able to “write-in” someone of their choosing. Some states deny a voter their right to have a “write-in” candidate on the ballot. Some states allow it, but have a deadline and require paperwork to be filed by a candidate to even be considered. Additionally, some of these write-in deadlines occur even before National Conventions take place, which eliminates a candidate in any particular party to be able to run as a “write –in” if they lose the nomination. Other states simply allow that any voter can write-in which means voters are on unequal grounds across the Nation, which violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution; all voters must have exactly the same rights.

Where do we go from here? We can decide to do nothing or can we to decide to go ahead and file this voters rights case, knowing the courts may not care. The right thing to do is to keep the pressure up and keep these issues burning bright in the minds of liberty minded people. Along the way, hopefully other will be converted to the Cause of Liberty. We will discuss those goals over the next few days.

So, we are going to need Plaintiffs from every state who is committed to seeing this through. You will not need to be present in court or to have an affidavit. Please send your contact information to Pepper Draper at – Richard Gilbert

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