Riding the Center Hump

  • June 9, 2023

How bad are the roads?

In my area, they are so bad I ride the center hump, my truck straddling the double yellow – so as to avoid the pothole’d, badly patched crumbling asphalt on either side of it. In order to avoid losing fillings (and replacing ball joints). In order to avoid having to pay more money for the repairs to my vehicle made necessary by the deteriorated conditions of the roads, which aren’t being maintained with the money taken out of my pocket via the motor fuels (and property) taxes I’m forced to pay.

“The roads” are often the prime justification emitted by government snugglers for government. As in, without government – and taxes – there’d be no roads! Well, there soon won’t be – notwithstanding the taxes being extracted by the government.

They are crumbling into oblivion.

This, of course, is deliberate as roads facilitate being able to get around – and more finely, get away, from government. If you have not already figured it out I will clue you in. The government doesn’t want you (or me or most of us) living too far away from it. More finely, too far away from where it is easier to control us. As in close to the cities where there is more (and more ubiquitous) government.

It was much easier to ignore the lockdowns if you did not live in or near a city because it was much more difficult for the government to enforce them. The same with “masks” and everything else that relates to government. I have been able to “get away” with not paying to renew what is styled the “registration” of my vehicle for the past almost five years now. This has put several hundred dollars back into my pocket. Or rather, prevented my pockets from being emptied to the tune of that sum.

I have been able to “get away” with it precisely because I do not live in a city and so far away from government – and government enforcers. They are still out there, of course – as they are, everywhere. But there are fewer of them around here – and none of them have automated plate readers (ALPRs), which are omnipresent where there is a lot of government. When your “unregistered” vehicle passes within scanner range of an ALPR, a government enforcer  is alerted and then you stop “getting away” with it.

It is interesting to pause here a moment and reflect on the way language is used by government to shame people who try to “get away” with preserving their money, among other things. They key to shedding the burden of this shame is to recognize that there is nothing in the least shameful about objecting to your money being taken by those who did not earn it, in order to use it to finance things you don’t want to pay for. Such as a stupid decal to affix to your vehicle to show it is “registered.”

In the past, “the roads” was a pretty powerful argument for government – and taxes – because there were roads and they were well-maintained. Italics to emphasize what they no longer are. Given that fact, what is the argument for government now?  What is it we’re getting, exactly, in return for all we’re paying?

Other than poorer?

And in that case, why continue paying?

. . .

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