Roy Cooper Preventing North Carolina Lawmakers From Joining Other States on Obamcare Repeal!

North Carolina Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper is going head to head with newly elected Republican state and senate representatives in joining other states to repeal Obamacare. Cooper has refused to join litigation by other states. “The Attorney General must uphold state and federal laws, but if they conflict, the US Constitution and federal law prevail. A state law that authorizes North Carolina citizens to violate federal law could be found to be unconstitutional. The federal health law is deemed Constitutional until the federal appellate courts conclude otherwise.” Source ABC

So if Cooper feels this way, why have other state attorney generals filed to repeal Obamacare. Cooper needs to step aside and allow the will of the people, not his democrat loyalties play political game with the people of North Carolina that elected and overthrew the democrat house and Senate. I’m working on getting a protest permit at his office location, will give details upon permit approval. Roy is now on my Radar list of Moonbats! Randy’s Right

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