Scanned by Your Car

  • May 31, 2023

First there were fobs. Now there are fingerprints – and face scans.

This is how you can unlock – and start – the 2023 Genesis GV60, which I recently reviewed (see here for that). It is the first but – probably – not the last. It is a technology that is likely to spread, if not enough people refuse to buy into it.

Fobs replaced metal keys that you inserted into a lock (door/ignition) to unlock/start the car. This was sold as a convenience. The same marketing is being used to . . . market fingerprint/facial-scanning”technology.”

But for whose convenience?

It will certainly be convenient for whomever wants to keep track of you and control you – especially when you’re not driving. The use of biometric identifiers is a key component of what is styled in China a social credit system in which the government-corporate octopus determines everyone’s “creditworthiness” – and uses technology to keep track of and control everyone.

The biometric identifiers – fingerprints, your facial features, etc. – are the chips that were embedded in you at conception. No need to  add one under the skin, after the fact. They are unique to you and once the mechanisms are in place to scan them at every point of interaction as a condition of that interaction, there is precious little interacting – or even acting, at all – that you’ll be able to do without them knowing and without their permission.

Combine this with centrally controlled digital money and they will have the kind of control over you that you have over your dog or cat, without the benevolence of that relationship.

Want to buy a can of soda from a vending machine? It will be very . . . convenient. Just approach the machine and – rather than feed it a dollar – let it scan your face. Or place your finger on the pad. Let the machine – let the government-corporate octopus – recognize you. Let it evaluate your creditworthiness to be allowed to buy a soda. If you have enough of this new kind pf credit, you will be allowed to buy a soda. The purchase will be approved and your digital account debited.

Want to go for a drive?

Before you’re allowed to do that, you must allow yourself to be scanned. Then the octopus will decide whether to approve. Think about how very convenient this will be when the next “pandemic” is declared. Or the first “climate emergency.” The latter is already being more-than-hinted-at by some of the very same characters who very much relished “locking down” the “non-essential” population over “COVID,” a sickness that we were told would kill us all that mostly killed people who were about to die – from old age and chronic sickness.

Never mind that. The excuse isn’t the point.

What matters is the enforcement.

Last time, the octopus relied upon the fact that most people had to go to work – and needed to shop. Most people not having more than a few days’ worth of food in the ‘fridge. This gave the octopus the power of economic enforcement. You will wear a “mask” – else you won’t have a job. Or something to eat in the ‘fridge. Then came the jab, which millions were de facto forced to submit to, for those same reasons.

And yet, all-too-many escaped this net because it had too many holes in it. Anyone who wanted to go for a drive could. All they had to do was do it. Their car wasn’t going to prevent them from doing so, at any rate.

Now it can.

It could prevent you from even sitting behind the wheel, if the octopus didn’t want to allow that. The octopus could – and will – lock you out. Italics to emphasize the individuality. A key – even if it is a fob – isn’t necessarily tied to you. Your face – and fingerprints – are. When, in this dystopian (but already here) future you approach your car and let it scan you, the octopus will know it. Most new cars are already connected to the octopus. They receive what are innocuously styled “updates” over the air – and whether you asked for them or not.

Think of them as remote-controlled cars and you will begin to get the not-so-innocuous idea.

Electric cars like the GV60 are also centrally controlled in that they are tethered to the centrally controlled power network, which the octopus could (and will) turn off at its whim. “Smart” meters – and homes – will make this easier to do. And fingerprint/face-scanning will make it much easier to do  . . . to specific individuals, who have displeased the octopus.

And there will be nothing you can do about it – once you’ve accepted it.

Well, other than endeavor to please the octopus by doing what it expects of you – even to the extent of thinking as it expects you to. You may, perhaps, be able to preserve the sanctity of your thoughts, for awhile. Provided you keep them to yourself.

But – give the octopus time.

It will eventually figure out a way to scan those, too.

. . .

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