“Sensitive Events”

  • January 13, 2024

Google just announced a “Sensitive Events” policy – and you can probably imagine what that means.

Naturally, Google – the tech enforcement arm of the Left that has seized control of the public square in this country and arrogated to itself both the power and the moral authority (sic) to lay down the parameters of acceptable (allowable) speech – says what it means evasively, in the greasy-sickly-sweet patois of the Left:

A “Sensitive Event,” according to Google, is “an unforeseen event or development that creates significant risk to Google’s ability to provide high quality, relevant information and ground truth and reduce insensitive or exploitative content . . . during a Sensitive Event we may take a variety of actions to address these risks.”

Lots of italics added.

Where to begin?

“Significant risk”? Of what, exactly – and according to whom? Well, the Leftists technocrats who control Google, of course. As far as what – why that’s anything the Leftist technocrats who control Google decide creates a significant risk – to the information control of the Left.

As for example the significant risk – during the event marketed as a “pandemic” – that people might discover that a “case” did not mean a death (or even that the “case” was seriously sick) or that there were safer and more effective treatments for those who did get sick than the dangerous drugs pushed as the only treatment for the sickness.

There will almost certainly be a significant risk of pro-Trump sentiments being expressed during the coming months and naturally, that will result in the Leftist technocrats who control Google (and who are provably in cahoots with the Leftists who currently control the government) “taking a variety of action to address” such a risk.

The oily-kumbaya-speak does not specify what those “actions” might be but everyone knows what they are. Those who dare to give utterance to “insensitive” or “exploitative” sentiments will be suppressed via what amounts to de facto censorship – the latter formerly something only the government had the power to do. But that was before the government partnered with privately owned technocracy to do exactly that, without any bother about the First Amendment to the Constitution – which has proved as impotent to prevent speech from being suppressed as it has proved itself impotent to prevent our pockets being picked. Indeed, it has arguably facilitated both – via the deliberate use of wording and language subject to interpretation – thereby giving the government the power to interpret its own powers.

Similarly, Google’s language about is “policy” is slippery. Deliberately. Specificity being limiting – and the last thing Google wants is limits placed on the “actions it may take,” based on what it says constitute “significant risk” – which it won’t specify. That way, anything can be a “significant risk.”

And because no one can know what, exactly, that is – insofar as Google is concerned – everyone will know that anything they say could be deemed exactly that, by Google.

A neat trick. One similar to the trick played by the usurpers of the Articles of Confederation who met in secret conclave to replace them with a Constitution “the people” never authorized them to write. This Constitution contained slipper words and phrases, too – such as “general welfare” and “necessary and proper.” No one ever seems interested enough to ask, according to whom?

Why, according to the men who met in secret conclave to replace the Articles, which “the people” hadn’t authorized them to do.

They were not stupid men. They chose the words and phrases carefully, with intent. And that intent was not to clarify, nor to establish boundaries (such as this is acceptable – but that is not). In order to keep people guessing. Which is to say, in order to keep them uneasy about where they stood in relation to . . . policy.

And we all know what it is, which is anything those who write it decide it can be.

. . .

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