Shale Gas – Fracking Interviews

Shale gas extraction is a controversial issue with many people arguing that it further locks us into a fossil fuel future whilst also causing a great deal of damage to our local environment. There are also risks of earthquakes from liquids left in the “fracked” area causing subsidence. There have a been a lot instances of water contamination in the water table that causes flammable water in taps and negative health impacts.

Professor Mike Bradshaw explains in a series of interviews that will be published over time in this playlist, why the government are not being totally honest about their research in this field. All of their “independent” analysis is coming from the companies who are seeking to exploit shale gas. The reports that have been conducted independently have been ignored in favour of those proffered by the industry.

Professor Kevin Anderson is the Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre For Climate Change Research. Here he speaks clearly why we should not be fracking.

The Urgent Case for Ban on Fracking by Food and Water Watch

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