Smaller Gas Tanks?

  • June 8, 2024

There’s a rumor going around that one of the methods the people pushing EVs will use to make it less convenient to drive a vehicle that isn’t a device will be to decrease the amount of fuel new vehicles can carry (i.e., fit them with smaller gas tanks) so that people would have to stop more often for fuel – much the same as people who own devices have to stop more often for a charge.

It would work – so they hope – in the same general way that they hoped requiring speedometers to register no faster than 85 MPH – this was back int he late 1970s and into the early 1980s – would encourage (greasy word) people to hew closer to the then-in-force 55 MPH National Maximum Speed Limit.

It worked like “masks” worked to “stop the spread.”

Downsized gas tanks would “work” the same way.

It’d be an annoyance, of course, to have to stop twice a week for gas rather than just once. Just as it was annoying to not know how fast, exactly, you were going when you got going faster than 85 MPH (though it could be fun to crank the needle all the way around back to 10 or 20 MPH again, which you could do if you removed the stop that held the needle at 85 on the dial). But it would only be a minor inconvenience – just like not knowing how fast you were actually going.

The federally mandated 85 MPH speedos didn’t slow anyone down – and neither would the rumored downsized gas tanks.

Because it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to fill a gas tank. And it would take even less time to fill a smaller one.

Motorcycles make the point. The typical bike has a very small tank – relative to a car. Most have about 3.5 gallons’ capacity, give or take. And that’s why most bikes have relatively short ranges – typically 200 miles or so, which is comparable to the range of the shortest-range devices. But it’s never discouraged anyone from riding a motorcycle because the short-range isn’t a limitation, as it is with devices – because unlike a device, it only takes a couple of minutes to fully fill up a motorcycle’s tank.

As everyone knows by now, it takes at least 20-30 minutes to recover a partial (80 percent maximum) charge at the “fastest” of “fast” chargers. Even if that could be cut in half, it would still be more than twice as long – and most people just don’t have time for that. No doubt, this explains the piling up of unbought devices such as those made by Tesla. The relatively small pool of people willing to spend time waiting for a device to charge have already bought a device and now the “market” for devices is drying up like a puddle after a downpour in July after the sun breaks through the clouds.

Understandable panic is setting in – and not just among the EV pushers but also the vehicle manufacturers that bought into the pushing by pretending a “market” could be created for devices just by making lots of them. It seemed to work – at first – because there were some people who bought into the engineered mania for devices. These were mostly affluent Lefties who wanted to drive a device for the same reason that Lefties wanted everyone to wear a “mask.” Not because either “worked” – but because both aligned with an ideology.

Most people, on the other hand, just want to get where they need and want to go without wasting time getting there – or not being able to get there in time. So once word began to leach out about how much time a device owner had to spend charging a device and how much time had to be devoted to planning around charging a device, demand for devices began to dry up like the aforesaid puddle after a summer shower.

Desperation is beginning to set in. Hence the rumored desperation tactics, such as reducing the capacity of vehicle gas tanks. Another one that’s more than just a rumor is slowing down the rate at which gas pumps flow, so as to increase the amount of time people who don’t own a device have to waste fueling up. This could serve to “equalize” things between devices and vehicles. And it’s already being done at some gas stations – which have become mini-malls/grocery stores – in order to encourage people to spend more time buying other things. And to peddle things on them, via the obnoxious TeeVeee screens now built into many gas pumps.

And they could simply decree you’re only allowed to pump so much gas – and the pump won’t pump more than half a tank. Or less. This could be enforced via digital (no cash) payment, tying your ability to buy to the state’s permission – based on your social credit score or the exigencies of the “climate crisis.”

So, it’s not over yet.

Devices will not go gently into that good night – and neither will those who’ve been pushing them. It’ll take a push – from us – to make sure they do go into that good night, gently or not.

. . .

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