Snake Venom, White Clots, and Homeopathy

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It is now more than two years since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID-19 a world-wide pandemic.

Since then much has been learnt about the nature and course of this disease but in recent times, two additional and startling claims have been made.

These are that:

Many symptoms of the COVID-19 shot are caused by a snake venom analogue, as if people are being poisoned by venom.
Embalmers are extracting never-before-seen ‘worms’ of thick white tissue from the blood vessels of some they are trying to embalm.
On looking at images and videos and supplied by embalmers of the structures extracted it seems to us that the tissue is fibrous in nature, similar to scar tissue.

Snake Venom, White Clots, and Homeopathy 2

Our thoughts immediately turned to remedies historically used by homeopaths in the treatment and prevention of fibrous scar tissue, wondering if they would help; remedies such as Silicea terra (Sil.) and Fluoricum acidum (Fl-ac.).

What did surprise us on repertorisation is that while those remedies did make an appearance in the repertorisation chart, when combined with the other symptoms of inflammation and clotting in the veins they moved well down the list and behind the leading snake venom remedies of Vipera berus (Vip.) the common viper, Crotalus horridus (Crot-h.) the timber rattlesnake viper, and Lachesis muta (Lach.) the Atlantic bushmaster viper.

Take a look for yourself.

Below is the repertorisation chart in which scar and clot-related symptoms (rubrics) were entered to generate corresponding remedies.

Snake Venom, White Clots, and Homeopathy 3

(The closest possible rubrics for the reported signs and symptoms were chosen for this chart: cicatrices being the medical term for scar tissue; keloid meaning an overgrowth of scar tissue; inflammation of veins as a common symptom of COVID-19 and the shots, and thrombosis for the reported clotting effects associated with COVID-19 and the shots. Scar and blood vessel-related symptoms are listed on the left-hand side of the chart while matching remedies are displayed on the top of the right-hand side. Numbers indicate how close the match is, 1 being a low-level match and 3 being the highest.)

We were not expecting that the three leading remedies for the symptoms entered would come from snake venoms.

Does the emergence of these potentised venoms provide evidence of an envenomation process with the shots, or show a way that white scar-like tissue clogging veins can be stopped through the use of tautopathy? No, because further research is required before anything like that could be said.

From the homeopathic perspective, though, the association between the development of fibrous tissue and snake venom is interesting and worth investigating further.

While we have chosen not to provide direct links to images, videos, and information on these claims they can be easily found from several other internet sources. One example is where, once the words ‘snake venom’ and ’embalmer’ are entered into the search field, videos and information are pulled up for scrutiny.

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