Some Thoughts on Rules for Thee But not for Them

  • June 25, 2023

I was thinking aloud the other day about how they can do whatever they like – while we are allowed to do what they say and are punished when we don’t.

We know who we are, of course. We are the ones who are expected to obey the rules laid down by them. The rules they ignore with impunity. It is, accordingly, easy to know if you are one of us – or one of them.

Did you get punished for not wearing a “mask”? Then you are one of us.

Were you declared “non-essential” – by them? Then you are one of us.

Do you have to pay what they say you “owe”? And if you do not (and sometimes, even if you do) are you certain to be punished for it? Then you are one of us.

If you toss a gun you lied on the forms to get into the trash, where anyone might find it and do anything with it (including something criminal) would you be going to jail for it? Then you are one of us. If you did it – and they did nothing about it – then you are one of them.

Just a few examples – or cases-in-point – to make the point. We know very well the rules – and consequences for not abiding by them – are different for us than they are for them. It is now blatantly evident.

This latter is a good thing, though, in the sense that it is now obvious that we and they are not the same. More to the point, it is no longer possible to entertain the degrading delusion that we are – and we’d be fools to continue to indulge it. They have depended for generations on us being fools. They succeeded, for a very long time, in fooling most of us. In getting us to believe there was no us – and them.

Just us.

They even had he effrontery to state it. As in “we are all in this together.” No, we are not. And never have been. We have been duped – a different thing.

Failing to recognize this is a worse thing. As it is for the steer who does not recognize the intentions of the rancher.

The “refugees” – as they are styled by them, to make us feel ashamed for objecting to these hordes flooding the country, to be used against us by them – recognize it and understand and act on it. They don’t give a flip about the rules – which they ignore as a matter of course, understanding it is not in their interests to do so and (more to the point) why should they do so when it is evident that only fools do?

They say, screw the rules! They do not beg permission from them to drive. They just drive. They do not waste their money on taxes – including the ones levied for the profit of legalized mafias, such as the insurance mafia. They do what they like – and do their best to avoid being caught.

For they are not fools.

Is it not time for us to stop being fools, too?

. . .

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