Stands With . . .

  • November 4, 2023

Groucho Marx said he’d never be a member of a club that would allow him in it. I feel the same way about the Uniparty – which is the only party we’re allowed to join, apparently.

One part of it “stands” with Ukraine – by which is meant you and I must be made to hand over our money (via the taxes we’re forced to pay as the price of being allowed to live) to finance the handing over of war material to a foreign regime in order to empower that regime to engage in a war we want no part of.

The other part wants the same, of course.

It just “stands” with a different foreign regime.

This business is of a piece with the way the Uniparty-ites “stand” for the same thing as regards forcing others to pay for the other things they each think the other ought to be forced to pay for. The part that “stands” with Ukraine also “stands” with the notion that everyone ought to be forced to buy health insurance; the part that “stands” with Israel thinks everyone ought to be forced to buy the “services” of what is styled “law enforcement,” which it venerates with almost-canine affection.

Neither part of the Uniparty “stands” with the idea of leaving people alone – either at home or abroad.

Why is that?

Probably because the idea of leaving people alone is one that is almost never brought up. Instead, the argument – it is never a discussion – is always predicated on the assumption that something must be done.

By others, of course.

And, of course, to others.

Thus, the argument centers on the haggling over what should be done rather than whether it should be done. And because that is how the argument starts, the end is foreordained. Something will be done. And to other people – who would very much like to be left out of it.

An interesting aspect of this is the evasion of responsibility for the consequences of all this “standing” with – and for – the doing of things to others, by others.

The average person would never attempt to force his neighbor to “stand” with Ukraine (or Israel) or any other foreign regime, nor attempt to force him to hand over money for anything – whether out of cowardice or reluctance to commit what he knows to be an immoral act of aggressive violence. But let the average person vote for it – and he often will.

The vote confers beer muscles on the poltroon – and enables the average person to pretend they are not committing an immoral act of aggressive violence since they aren’t getting their hands bloody themselves. It is easy to “stand” with Ukraine or Israel or whatever-foreign-regime is today’s object of doggy, socially obligatory devotion when all you have ti do is stand before a voting machine – and behind a curtain, so your “standing” is anonymous.

There is much to be said in favor of ending such “standing.” Perhaps it would be a good thing to oblige people to show their neighbors where they “stand” – as regards making others pay (and do) – by obliging them to stake a stand in public.

Of course, it would be even better to end this “standing” by voting business altogether. No one should be able to shift responsibility for what they do – for what they want done – away from themselves. Let those who “stand” with Ukraine or Israel or whatever else they “stand” for and with do just that – on their own and by themselves. Let them hand over their money, which they have every right to do. But not a cent of anyone else’s money, which they have no right to take. Let them go fight, if that is their wish. But enough of this awful business of egging on wars that others will have to fight, on their behalf.

That’s my stand – and it’s one I’ll stand by.

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