Symbols Matter

  • October 7, 2023

Why is the Left winning? Or, rather, why has the Left been so successful getting as far as it’s gotten?

The answer is simple. It never stops trying.

For the past 50 years-plus, the Left has been working to advance Leftism. In italics to emphasize one of the key differences between the Left and opposition to it. The opposition seeks to contain the Left – to conserve what remains of the liberties the Left hasn’t yet taken away. This is a strategy akin to trying to stay dry on the Titanic by moving toward the rear of the ship.

Enter Jim Jordan – Kevin McCarthy’s putative replacement as speaker of the House. He promises, among other things, that no more money for Ukraine will be forthcoming from Americans forced to provide it  . . . until he gets various questions answered.

In other words, Americans will continue to be forced to serve as tax cattle for the benefit of Keeeeeeeeeeev (and Raytheon) for as long as Republicans have anything to say about it.

Ironically – or not – McCarthy was ousted (ostensibly) in part because conservatives in the Republican Party had tired of McCarthy’s canoodling with the Left, especially as regards the profligate spending of money taken from Americans on a foreign war few Americans support that could end up becoming a world war few of us would survive (or want to).

But even though Jordan is all-but-certain to continue facilitating the forcing of Americans to finance this war that Washington started (via the goading of Russia via the goading of Ukraine to mistreat ethnic Russians in Ukraine and via pushing Ukraine to advance a military alliance that is based on Russia as the Enemy to the border of Russia, eliminating any buffer in between).

That is almost an irrelevance.

What is critical s the symbol. Of McCarthy being deposed. Because this will lead to Jordan being deposed, if he tries to be a Good Republican – which is to say, a good cuck. Or crook. Either being the same as far as a growing number of Americans are concerned – who have had it with Republican Toadies of the McCarthy persuasion. Awareness is dawning that you do not win a war – and that is what we’re fighting – by trying to hold the line. By trying to conserve things as they are. That is like trying to conserve the life of a bleeding-out patient by continuing to give him transfusions – rather than close the open wound.

Back to the Left.

It did not arrive at its current position at the apex of government and corporate power overnight. Or over the past three years. It has been working at it for at least the past 50-plus years.

And it began working at it, all those years ago, by understanding the importance of gaining ground – however slight. Even a crack eventually opens the door. On the basis of this critical understanding, the Left moved forward inch by inch until here we are. The conservatives who serially gave up of those inches of ground – hoping they could hold the line next time – are baffled as to how it happened.

Symbols matter – even when they seem unimportant or trivial at the time. As in the symbolic victory encompassed by the deposing of McCarthy, even if means Jordan and his enablers continue to do exactly the same things that resulted in the deposing of McCarthy. This is almost an inevitability as Jordan is bought and paid for by the same interests that own the rest of these “representatives” of other people’s interests. That is to say, the interests of the people who paid to be represented.

It does not matter.

What matters is that symbolic victories – if pressed – are likely to result, in time, in actual victories. Consider the Doolittle Raid, which occurred in early 1942. The bulk of American Naval power in the Pacific had been put out of action by Japanese aircraft, advancing the footprint of Japan toward America. Americans were angry but also worried about Japan’s ability to advance. The Doolittle Raid went the other way. A flight of B25 bombers launched from the deck of an American aircraft carrier advanced toward Japan – and got there. A few bombs were dropped – and not much physical damage was done.

The raid was purely of symbolic value. But also of immense psychological value.

It let the Japanese people  – as well as the Japanese government – that we were advancing now. It would take another several years of hard fighting before the war advanced all the way to Japan – and it probably seemed inconceivable to the Japanese prior to Doolittle’s raid that it would ever advance that far.

But they had been put on notice and the smart ones – including the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto – knew it.

Just so, conservatively posturing politicians who seem unable to conserve anything – let alone advance anything – have been put on notice via the recent heave-ho’ing of now-former-speaker McCarthy. They will continue to receive such notices, as this serial giving-up-of-ground to the Left (and of our money for the endless war in Ukraine that could lead to the last war) is over.

The Useless Opposition may not realize this yet.

But soon, they’ll know.

. . .

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