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Chemtrails, Monsanto and Bill Gates

Connecting the Dots…

The Roots of Bill Gates Cultural and Political Power

The Institutionalization of Chemical and Biological Warfare Through Philanthro-Capitalism

Who exactly gave Bill Gates permission to dictate the earth’s solar radiation budget, the number of people allowed on his planet, and the power to create widespread disruptions in global food output?

Watch time-lapse of Charlotte, NC getting chemtrail-bombed for 2 days in a row:

Background Info Articles:

‘Efficient formation of stratospheric aerosol for climate engineering by emission of condensible vapor from aircraft’ (David Keith, et. al.)

Here we describe an alternate method in which aerosol is formed rapidly in the plume following injection of H2SO4, a condensable vapor, from an aircraft. This method gives better control of particle size and can produce larger radiative forcing with lower sulfur loadings than SO2 injection. Relative to SO2 injection, it may reduce some of the adverse effects of geoengineering such as radiative heating of the lower stratosphere.

‘Geoengineering: Research into the possibility of engineering a better climate is progressing at an impressive rate—and meeting strong opposition’

David Keith, of the University of Calgary, and his colleagues recently came up with a way of keeping the particles small: use sulphuric acid rather than sulphur dioxide. Released as a vapour at high altitude it should produce a screen of properly sized particles, even in a sky that is already hazed. And the fleet of aircraft needed to keep that screen in being turns out to be surprisingly small. A study that Dr Keith commissioned from Aurora Flight Sciences, a Virginia-based company that makes high-altitude drones, concludes that it could be done by an operation smaller than an airline like Jet Blue, operating from a few bases around the world.

That airline would, however, do best with a fleet of newly designed aircraft. The most straightforward option, according to the report, would be to develop a vehicle capable of flying at altitudes of 20-25km (about 65,000-80,000 feet), distributing ten tonnes of acid a flight. … About 80 such planes would allow the delivery to the stratosphere of a million tonnes of acid every year at a cost of one or two billion dollars over an operational life of 20 years.

‘Sulfuric acid deposition from stratospheric geoengineering with sulfate aerosols’

When sulfur dioxide is injected into the tropical or Arctic stratosphere, the main additional surface deposition of sulfate occurs in midlatitude bands, because of strong cross-tropopause flux in the jet stream regions. We used critical load studies to determine the effects of this increase in sulfate deposition on terrestrial ecosystems by assuming the upper limit of hydration of all sulfate aerosols into sulfuric acid.

Part II: Bill Gates’ Published Plan to Drench the Earth With Sulfuric Acid

‘A Test for Geoengineering?’
Science 29 January 2010: Vol. 327 no. 5965 pp. 530-531

Google Patent CA 2647485 A1 for Geoengineering Sulfuric Acid

Scientific and political interest in the possibility of geoengineering the climate is rising. … We argue that geoengineering cannot be tested without full-scale implementation. The initial production of aerosol droplets can be tested on a small scale, but how they will grow in size (which determines the injection rate needed to produce a particular cooling) can only be tested by injection into an existing aerosol cloud, which cannot be confined to one location.
“Furthermore, weather and climate variability preclude observation of the climate response without a large, decade-long forcing Such full-scale implementation could disrupt food production on a large scale.”

‘Could an artificial volcano cool the planet by dimming the sun?’
First major study of practicality of planetary-scale solar radiation management concludes it is a potentially cost-effective option
The study… was managed by the leading geoenegineering Harvard University scientist David Keith, one of two administrators of Bill Gates’s Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (Ficer) which contributed $100,000 to the study.

Bill Gates funds scheme to spray artificial ‘planet-cooling’ sulfur particles into atmosphere

By far the most effective way to lift the sulphur, the study concludes, would be to adapt, or to build, a fleet of Boeing 747s aircraft. About 14 of these planes working round the clock from bases on or near the equator, might cost about $8bn a year.


Windows Script to Remove All Windows 10 Telemetry Updates

On August 25, 2015, I finally found a solution to my Windows 10 incompatibility problem/privacy issues at Today, October 6, 2015, I noticed that this extremely useful site has been removed. Please use this information at your own risk if you’re are concerned with the problems that Windows 10 may create for your operating system… My #Windows10 Twitter Feed

Microsoft users were furious when they learned that Windows 10 is basically spyware and lots of users were asking for a fix. Ask and ye shall receive.

Below is the list of “updates” delivered by Windows Update as “telemetry and customer experience improvements”. If you don’t want to send your “telemetry” to Microsoft, remove the updates with the script provided and do not install them again. Hakspek would only advise using this code if you are technical and know what you are doing. There is a risk that the lack of updates could end up damaging your computer. We have asked Microsoft for comment, but it has not yet responded. – “Performance tracker update” – “Get Windows 10 App” (delivers ready to use UAC backdoor as bonus) – “Upgrade to Windows 10” – “Upgrade to Windows 10” – “Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7” – “Customer experience and diagnostic telemetry” – “Customer experience and diagnostic telemetry” – “Customer experience and diagnostic telemetry” – “Telemetry points to consent.exe” **this update adds spyware functionality to UAC**


In order to rid your system of Microsoft sponsored spyware, follow the steps below.

  1. Press Windows button on keyboard and type ‘CMD’
  2. Right click on ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’
  3. Select ‘Yes’ if prompted with Windows UAC
  4. Copy script on github link
    (Thanks to user ‘WindowsLies’ in comments below for adding to my original script, disabling updates from returning. Visit his site built specifically for this script
  5. Right click in command line (cmd) and select paste
  6. Let script run and press ‘enter’ to reboot


How To Disable Data Logging in Windows 10
Data logging is a severe privacy issue and most of the tech giants including Microsoft have been accused of it. So, it’s no surprise that people have been wary of various privacy settings in Windows 10.

Stop Windows Nagging and Spying. Works with Windows 7 through 10

Windows 10: Microsoft Fails to Address All Privacy Concerns

Default Scripts / process to uninstall updates and hide them for multiple Windows versions

Microsoft Pushing Telemetry and Windows 10 Nagware Updates Again

Philip Mezey, CEO of Itron Inc, Believes California’s Water Needs to be Managed REAL Time

Corporations are Stealing Public Surface Water when the abundance of Earth’s internal natural Primary Water could supply the places they claim there is a water shortage.

“It is time California takes the lead in building a smart water network like the smart grid being deployed for electricity. The smart grid allows power utilities like Pacific Gas & Electric or Southern California Edison to improve electricity distribution and management, boost efficiency and support time-of-use pricing that helps conserve power.

Smart water networks would allow water utilities to do the same. Applying existing technology, water utilities will be able to more closely track and manage the millions of gallons of water used in homes, businesses, industry and agriculture across the state each day.” Philip Mezey, The Sun

Philip Mezey Itron IncPhilip Mezey was appointed president and chief executive officer and named to Itron’s board of directors on January 1, 2013. Mezey has served the company in several capacities during his career at Itron, most recently as chief operating officer for Itron’s global Energy segment, with responsibility for the operations of Itron’s electricity and gas businesses around the world.

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