Bitcoin: “The Old Way”

Anthony Migchels

How Ignoring Usury Makes Us All Look Like Fools
40% of what we pay for the goods we buy are usury passed on in prices. It’s even 50% of taxation. All this usury goes to the rich, we’re talking up to $2 Trillion per year in the US alone, far outpacing economic growth even in good times.

Bitcoin: Paving the Way for a Global Cashless Society
After five years of Bitcoin, the verdict is out: it is a ‘free market’ Globalist dream, paving the way for a global cashless currency.

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BitcoinLaw – “FinCEN and BitCoin Miners”

Bitcoin Foundation is Wrong! BitcoinLaw – “FinCEN and BitCoin Miners”

Bitcoin Targeted By Latest FinCEN Ruling? – Implications Are Profound
FinCEN thinks it has the authority to go after entities such as Mt. Gox that are located in Japan. Mt. Gox, along with all the other related institutions, such as that exchange Bitcoins for gift cards, or VirWox which exchange Second Life “Linden dollars” for Bitcoins would be subject to criminal sanction by FinCEN even if they have no physical presence in the US at all.

FinCEN Statement Regarding Administrative Ruling FIN-2013-R001, July 12, 2013

Application of FinCEN’s Regulations to Persons Administering, Exchanging, or Using Virtual Currencies

Bank Secrecy Act 

U.S. Government Printing Office | “Keeping America Informed”

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