Webster Tarpley Report: Romney Campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia

Romney Campaign, CIA Mormon Mafia, John Bolton’s Islamophobia Network Stir Middle East Chaos to Get October Surprise Against Obama; CIA’s Gitmo-Trained Asset Qumu Prime Suspect in Death of Ambassador Stevens. Source: Webster G. Tarpley September 16, 2012


We are dealing with an ambitious international intelligence operation aimed at creating an October Surprise (a few weeks early) to shock world and US public opinion for the purpose of discrediting and “Carterizing” the current tenant of the White House, and installing Netanyahu’s friend Mitt Romney in his place. Source:

October Surprise to Carterize Obama

CIA Chief Michael Scheuer Slams US Policy and Supports the Ron Paul Plan

Video Source: Liberty Laundry

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Please watch the videos at and it will become clear that Ron Paul is the only choice for America

Former CIA Agent’s Message to America

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