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Media reform must be intelligent, even fierce, pope tells Vatican office

“Let’s not allow the temptation of clinging to a glorious past to prevail. Instead, let us make great team players in order to better respond to the new challenges in communications that today’s culture demands of us without fear and without imagining apocalyptic scenarios.”

The pope had created the secretariat to coordinate the work that had been done individually by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Vatican press office, Vatican Internet office, Vatican Radio, the Vatican television production studio and the Vatican newspaper, printing press, photograph service and publishing house. The statutes say the coordination was needed to unify the many Vatican communications and media operations for a more “coherent” effort in evangelization and to respond to the growth of digital media and “factors of convergence and interactivity” in social communications.

Pope Francis said in his speech that the reform wasn’t merely about coordinating disparate entities or merging old offices, but was about the “construction of a true and actual institution ‘ex novo,'” from scratch.

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Net neutrality is now officially on life support. Here’s what happens next.
“…Where net neutrality ensured the preservation of what’s been dubbed “the open internet,” its repeal will open the door for ISPs to create “an internet for the elite…”

“Reform is giving another form to things” ~ Pope Francis

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Because YouTube Censorship Sucks

When Did People Stop Believing in Freedom?

Almost every college student we asked today said that it is fine to give up their privacy to the government if it will keep them safe, especially from terrorists.

Whether you believe in their ideologies or not, people used to fight for what they believe in with greater conviction in this country. Once upon a time, people actually stood up for their natural rights and protested. Now people are quietly going about their day just hoping to stay off the radar, or worse, they have been taught and actually believe that giving up liberty for a sense of security is a good trade off “to keep them safe” with misguided lines like “I’m not doing anything wrong so I have nothing to worry about.”

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